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Delta Bar & Plate Set

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Delta Bar & Plate Set

The Delta Bar & Plate Set from Rogue Fitness is an impressive weightlifting apparatus designed with gym or home use in mind. Cradled in a strong, robust steel frame, this 178-pound set includes two good 2-inch traps bars, two good 2-inch squat bars and two good 2-inch high-strength deadlift bars. Whether you use the straps and plates for squats, deadlifts, power lifts, or other exercises, their solid construction and thoughtful design guarantee their longevity and the best possible performance for your workouts. The included 120-pound medley of steel change plates have 50-pound, 25-pound, 10-pound, 5-pound, and 2.5-pound weights. The steel plates flaunt weight-engraved illustrations for easy weight recognition, ensuring precision during your maximum lifts. The plates have black lettering that won’t get lost when you wipe down your equipment. The bars are zinc-plated and composed of heat-treated alloy steel with superior durability and strength to survive even your toughest sessions. This set has distanced sleeve collars with two springs and a durable chromed finish to maintain your barbells' immaculate condition over the long run. You can rest assured that your movements and your grip are executed as safely as possible, thanks to this deluxe set's hard-wearing rubber plates. The plates come with durable, high-quality steel core hub inserts that help protect your bars, keep them level when you set them down and afford gap-free loading and unloading of the weights for maximum aesthetic appeal. To sum up, this comprehensive set is an excellent buy for serious power trainers and functional fitness athletes. Its combination of resilient steel frame, robust bars and plates, and attentive features make it an investment that will last you for a lifetime of productive training. It should not be overlooked.


Pros & Cons


• Durable Construction - solid steel frame with zinc coating ensures long-term use

• Suitable for all kinds of weightlifting exercises

• Variety of weights available - plates come in pound and ML increments

• Advanced technology provides accurate measurements

• Ergonomic design with easy to grip handles


• Heavy and bulky to transport

• Pricey compared to other weight lifting sets

• Not suitable for isolated exercises such as bicep curls

Who Should Buy


• Heavy-duty construction with a 500 lb weight capacity

• Contoured shape of plates for better gripping and more comfortable use

• Elegant black finish won't get scratched or damaged easily

• Convenient storage options with a dedicated area in the house or garage


• Expensive option compared to other weight sets

• No rubber shell coating so weights can get noisy when in contact with each other

• Not ideal for commercial gym use due to low weight capacity


• 2 x 5ft 2" bars

• 2 x 2" steel plates, 14" diameter

• 4 hole pattern for securing weights

• Steel bars and plates – heavy duty construction

• 2 x spinlock collars included

• Bright yellow and black body – stylish look

• Weight – 32kg

knurltotal weightdiametercenter-to-center distance
Rogue Delta Bar & Plate SetAggressive45 lbs28.5 mm16.5''
Titan Power BarAggressive35 lbs28 mm16''
Marcy Standard Weight PlateSmooth22.5 lbs2.5 lbsn/a
CAP Barbell Standard WeightSmooth25 lbs2.5 lbsn/a
Body-Solid Olympic TrainingAggressive44 lbs28 mm16''
knurltotal weightdiametercenter-to-center distance
Aggressive45 lbs28.5 mm16.5''
Aggressive35 lbs28 mm16''
Smooth22.5 lbs2.5 lbsn/a
Smooth25 lbs2.5 lbsn/a
Aggressive44 lbs28 mm16''

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