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Dirty Dozen Affiliate Package

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Dirty Dozen Affiliate Package

The 'Dirty Dozen' Affiliate Package from Rogue Fitness is a high-end weightlifting and CrossFit accessory bundle designed for athletes of all levels. The set includes a high-grade stainless steel weightlifting belt, a pair of durable knee sleeves, a pair of leather-reinforced wrist wraps and a heavy-duty deadlift jack. All items are made from quality materials and have been subjected to rigorous testing to ensure total performance and safety in any weightlifting or CrossFit environment. The weightlifting belt is constructed from sturdy 7.5mm thick steel-reinforced leather and is designed to provide the utmost support for heavy weightlifting exercises. It is adjustable, so it can fit a range of waist sizes, and features a double-pronged heavy-duty buckle for extra security. The pair of knee sleeves is made from tough 7mm neoprene and features a contoured fit that provides superior support and cushioning around the knee joint. The wrist wraps are made from soft suede and are designed to provide extra support and a snug fit during wrist-intensive exercises. Lastly, the deadlift jack is crafted from robust steel and designed to help with lifting, lowering and positioning heavier weights during deadlifting. The 'Dirty Dozen' Affiliate Package from Rogue Fitness is perfect for experienced and beginner athletes alike. It provides a comprehensive range of accessories that will help athletes get the most out of their weightlifting and CrossFit workouts. All the items in the package are designed and tested to the highest standards and are perfect for those looking for quality performance and support in any weightlifting or CrossFit environment.


Pros & Cons


• Includes twelve pieces of equipment for a one-time price

• Pieces are split across types of movements, allowing a wide range of exercises and a full body workout

• Equipment is compact and customizable

• Comes with instructional videos for a comprehensive education on the pieces included


• Limited in the type of equipment included

• Can be challenging to arrange the pieces in a gym or home setting

• Does not include a barbell or weight plates, so you must buy them separately to do heavy lifts

Who Should Buy

Reasons to Buy:

• 12 of Rogue’s most popular fitness products

• Discounted package price

• Quality construction built for heavy use

• Great starter kit for home gym or affiliate gym

• Unique design and storage options

Reasons Not to Buy:

• Price may be too steep for some budgets

• Not customizable for specific needs

• Specific products may not fit certain individuals

• Excess packaging can be overwhelming to some people


• 12 Courses and Bonuses with over 60 Videos

• Access to Dirty Dozen private coaching Facebook group

• Lifetime access to the Dirty Dozen training program

• Step by step tutorials for setting up affiliate campaigns and the basics of affiliate marketing

• Learn different traffic strategies to maximize ROI

• Access to over 300 eBooks, cheatsheets, and templates

• Access to a network of over 100 members for collaboration

• Live coaching webinars and Q&A sessions

• Live support and email assistance

• Access to exclusive content and private offers

• Entry into Dirty Dozen monthly contests for prizes and commissions

FeatureRogue DD Affiliate PackageSimilar Product 1Similar Product 2Similar Product 3
Resistance Level10 to 900 lbs5 to 200 lbs8 to 800 lbs7 to 400 lbs
Weight500 lbs350 lbs500 lbs500 lbs
Cable Cross SystemYesYesNoNo
Warranty2 Years10 Years1 Year5 Years

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