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Doc Spartan Triple Threat

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Doc Spartan Triple Threat

-program The Doc Spartan Triple Threat Program from Rogue Fitness brings a unique approach to strengthening and conditioning workouts. Developed by US Army Special Forces veteran, Dr. Zane Reyna, this 12-week training program combines muscular endurance and power lifting exercises with functional fitness, agility and agility-based bodyweight movements to give you the best of both worlds. The program is divided into four phases, each with their own unique characteristics and progression option. The four phases are: Foundations, Q School, Rocket Launch, and Combatives. The Foundations Phase is designed to strengthen your core, increase your endurance and provide the foundation for the subsequent phases. The Q School phase focuses on improving your physical qualities such as speed, power, balance and agility. In the Rocket Launch phase, the emphasis shifts to preparing for more intense and focused competition-style training. Finally, the Combatives phase is designed to reel the skills you developed in the previous phases into a dynamic simulation of battle drills and drills for street fighting. The program is designed to be progressive and to adjust to your fitness level and individual goals, whatever they may be. To make sure you get the most from the program, customers can opt in for an evaluation and review with Dr. Reyna every three weeks, allowing him to make necessary adjustments to the program and make sure you’re progressing effectively. To make sure you get the most out of your training, the program comes with an exercise library featuring over 140+ exercises videos that allow you to learn each exercise and understand the form and technique behind it. The final piece is an interactive logbook that tracks your progress and allows you to set goals. Doc Spartan Triple Threat Program is a comprehensive and adaptive program suited to those looking to take their strength and conditioning to the next level. With the guidance of an experienced professional, you’ll be able to quickly and effectively build your strength and performance in no time.


Pros & Cons


• Lightweight and Portable

• Multi-purpose exercise tool

• Targets multiple muscle groups

-High-quality Construction for durability

• Adjustable height for versatile exercise options

• Includes exercise plan for beginners


• Limited exercise options

• Expensive compared to other fitness equipment

• Requires more than one person to set up and use

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

-Designed to increase strength, endurance, and recovery time

-High-quality construction that won't break down easily

-Suitable for solo, small group, or team settings

-Portable and convenient for taking to and from the gym

Should Not Buy:

-Does not include exercise instructions or programs

-Expensive compared to comparable products

-High-impact fitness and requires good body conditioning

-Not suitable for beginners or those with pre-existing injuries


-Built in Rogue Ohio, USA

-Made with Lucas 2x3" 11-Gauge Steel

-8-pin Urethane Bushings

-UHMW J-Cups and Band Pegs

-Interchangeable Lat Pull, Adjustable Dip & Step-up Bar

-9 Loading Points & Pull-up Bar

-473lb weight capacity

-Dimensions: Height 65”, Width 83”, Depth 36”

Rogue Doc Spartan Triple Threat3.2kg18"$125
WOD Nation Ab Mat0.6kg20"$18.95
ProSource Fitness Ab Mat1kg18"$19.99
Perform Better Ab Mat1 kg18"$20.95
CAP Barbell Ab Mat2.2kg18"$20.99

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