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Dynamax Hoover Medicine Balls - 10"

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Dynamax Hoover Medicine Balls - 10"

-20-30lbs/ The Dynamax Hoover Ball is a state-of-the-art medicine ball designed for professional and home gym use. The ball is constructed with a durable, textured rubber skin sourced from the United States. Its thick, firm outer core provides stability and longevity when used for heavy lifts and dynamic daily routines. Its inner core is filled with encased, multi-colored sand and rubber particles, providing a comfortable and controlled bounce. The hybrid construction creates an optimal balance between weight and resiliency. The unique, hybrid construction allows for a greater range of dynamic movements, addressing various strength and endurance goals. The Hoover Ball can be used for overhead work, throws, partner training, core exercises, and more. Its textured surface makes it easy to grip and throw with one hand, while providing increased resiliency and control. The Dynamax Hoover Ball is available in ten, twenty, and thirty-pound sizes. It is perfect for athletes of all ages and abilities, creating an effective way to incorporate strength training into workouts. Paired with a good routine and proper technique, the Hoover Ball is sure to help you reach your fitness goals.

  • 4LB Hoover Ball - 10"

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  • 6LB Hoover Ball - 10"

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Pros & Cons


• Covers a wide range of exercises and sports-specific activities

• Multiple weight options available

• Super durable Construction, weather resistant

• Comes with a 5-year warranty

• Nicknamed the "Hoover" for its giant size and strength


• Expensive compared to similar products on the market

• Ten pounds is the heaviest weight offered in this series

• May require two people to move and store due to weight and size

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Improve strength and balance

• Enhance coordination and agility

• Great for sports training

• Durable construction

Should Not Buy:

• Not a beginner product

• Not necessary for general fitness


- 10” diameter

- Made of heavy-duty, pliable rubber

- Non-bounce design

- Red and Blue two-tone color

- Textured surface aids with gripping during intense workouts

- Weighs 8lbs.

ProductPearlized Cover TextureDurabilityWeight Capacity
Dynamax Dynamax Hoover Medicine Ball - 10"YesVery durable10 pounds
Spri Deluxe Medicine Ball - 10"YesHigh-grade rubber10 pounds
GoFit Blu Core Medicine Ball - 8"YesHigh-grade rubber10 pounds
Crown Sporting Goods Medicine Ball - 10"YesDurable rubber cover10 pounds
TKO Anti-Burst Exercise Ball - 10"NoAnti-burst PVC construction10 - 25 pounds

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