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Echo Pin and Pipe Safety Sets

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Echo Pin and Pipe Safety Sets

The Rogue Fitness Echo Pin and Pipe Safety Sets are a high-performance, cost-effective way to add safety and stability to any gym setup. These robust sets come with two heavy-duty, 10-gauge steel plates to enable safe and secure placement of compatible power rack shelves and storage equipment. The 2-inch diameter hole pattern ensures an exact fit for any 2-inch rack system and allows for maximum security of equipment. With an overall width of 12-1/2” and an adjustable height range from 27” to a full 72”, these sets are designed for optimal efficiency and versatility. These safety sets also provide plenty of safety features, including two long-lasting premium rubber feet for stability, a 3/8” regulation-grade chrome finish for corrosion protection, and two solid, 1” round powder coat pipes for extra strength and durability. Every set includes four echo pins with adjustable nut, two 5/8” hex nuts, and two snap-in, oversized rubber bushings to provide an extra layer of safety and protection. The construction of these safety sets is second to none, and all parts are warrantied to last against any manufacturing defects. The Rogue Fitness Echo Pin and Pipe Safety Sets offer a safe and reliable way to keep your gym secure and give you the peace of mind you need to power through your workouts with confidence. With its robust construction, endless adjustability, and remarkable safety features, this set is sure to provide years of reliable service.

  • Echo 24" Pin and Pipe Safety Set

    In Stock


  • Echo 43" Pin and Pipe Safety Set

    In Stock


Pros & Cons


• Adjustable to fit any rack

• Universally sized pipes to fit any Olympic bar

• Durable Construction

• Easy to install

• Easy to use pins to adjust weight on the bar


• Not ideal for heavy loads due to the lightweight construction

• Heavy duty racks may require larger pins/pipes

• Expensive compared to other safety sets

Who Should Buy

Reasons to Buy:

-Safe and reliable product

-Easy to install and use

-High quality materials and construction

-Highly customizable design

-Variety of sizes available

-Adjustable height options

Reasons Not to Buy:

-Expensive compared to other brands

-May not fit certain door frames or spaces

-Installation requires more time and may require assistance

-Not ideal for those on a limited budget


• Plastic, brass and aluminum construction

• Available in 1/2" to 6" sizes

• Transparent Lexan® safety shields

• Flange or "Thread-on" connections

• Galvanized steel pipe inserts

• One-piece design

• Shatter, fire, and chemical resistant

• Leakproof clamps

• UL and cUL approved sealant compound

ProductWeightRangeAuto LockPrice
Rogue Echo Pin and Pipe Safety Set23 lbsN/AYes$449.99
FringeSport Bolt Pin/Pipe Safety Set43 lbsN/AYes$399
Rep Fitness Pin/Pipe Style Wall Ball Set43 lbsN/AYes$299.99
XMark® Safety Squat Power Cage Set90 lbsN/AYes$599
TDS Economy Gun Rack Set43 lbsN/ANo$82.95

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