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Everlast Kangaroo Leather Speed Bag

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Everlast Kangaroo Leather Speed Bag

The Rogue Fitness Everlast Kangaroo Leather Speed Bag is a top-of-the-line speed bag designed to help boxers and athletes develop their reaction speed and improve their hand-eye coordination. Made from quality kangaroo leather, the bag is designed to provide a consistent bounce while withstanding heavy use. The triple-reinforced box stitcher construction ensures the bag's durability and longevity. The contoured palming disc shape helps deliver faster, more accurate punches. This premium line of speed bags also features a deluxe bladder system for optimal air retention and adjustable, woven nylon straps for easy double-end attachment and adjustment. The Everlast Kangaroo Leather Speed Bag is a great piece of training equipment for professional and amateur athletes alike, and comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

  • Everlast Replacement Speed Bag Bladder - Large

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  • Everlast Replacement Speed Bag Bladder - Small

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  • Everlast Speed Bag Swivel

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  • Rogue Ball Pump

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Pros & Cons


• Made with 100% kangaroo leather

• Features speed valve technology for fast inflation and deflation

• Rigid, high grade, “Real Wood” platform

• Securely fastened straps for quick and secure installation

• Added two reinforced ribs for increased durability

• Exlusive two piece interchangeable design


• Relatively expensive compared to synthetic materials

• Requires manual inflation

• Moisture can deteriorate the leather unless it is maintained properly

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• If you are looking for a quality, durable, and versatile speed bag

• If you are looking for an individually handcrafted leather speed bag

• If you are looking for a speed bag suitable for beginner and professional athletes

• If you are looking for a long-lasting speed bag

Should Not Buy:

• If you are looking for a cheaper option

• If you are not willing to invest in premium quality materials

• If you are only looking for a speed bag to practice with casually

• If you are looking for a larger size speed bag


• Nine-inch diameter

• Premium Kangaroo Leather

• Typically used by beginners and professionals

• High-performance nylon lining

• Dual-welded brass grommets

• UV and water-resistant

• Includes swivel for easy positioning

• Neoprene moisture absorption technology

• Solid foamcore construction

• Welded logo

Everlast Kangaroo Leather Speed BagProduct #1Product #2Product #3
Heavy-duty, water-resistant, genuine kangaroo leather shellHeavy-duty, water-resistant constructionHeavy-duty, water-resistant constructionHeavy-duty, water-resistant construction
Durable, high-grade nylon liningPU leather shellHeavy-duty nylon liningReinforced vinyl shell
strategically balanced and precision filled for superior speedDistressed PU leatherHigh-rebound synthetic fillUnique fill chamber for improved balance
3-ply synthetic leather bladderHarder initial impactEnhanced rebound and increased popSoft synthetic leather bladder
Traditional ball shape for better accuracyTraditional ball shapeUnique ball shapeUnmatched durability

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