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Explosive Strength Development for Jumping (DVD Included)

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Explosive Strength Development for Jumping (DVD Included)

Explosive Strength Development for Jumping DVD is a comprehensive training program created by professional coach Robert Taylor to help athletes improve their vertical jump and overall athleticism. The training system includes Plyometrics, Power Training, Mobility & Specificity Training, and Post Activation Potentiation. Each component is designed to help athletes increase their vertical jump by strengthening the muscles and neural pathways used in the jumping motion. The Plyometrics component includes a variety of exercises intended to enhance the neuromuscular power of the muscles used in jumping. This component is supplemented with exercises that target the surrounding muscles and encourage more efficient neural firing by stimulating the target muscles in a variety of ways. The Power Training component focuses on the development of dynamic strength and speed. This component includes a variety of exercises designed to specifically target the muscles used in the jumping motion. Olympic lifts, jumps, and sprinting are all included in this component. The Mobility & Specificity Training component is designed to improve the range of motion of the muscles used in the jumping motion and also includes mobility drills to enhance stability and execution of the movement. This component also emphasizes the importance of efficient joint-angle recruitment and the necessary timing of each individual muscle fiber. Finally, the Post Activation Potentiation component is designed to improve the body's ability to recruit its maximal force-producing capabilities. This component features exercises that target both the CNS and the muscles directly, as well as drills designed to immediately increase the recruitment and speed of the neural pathways needed for the jumping motion. This comprehensive training system provides athletes with the tools and guidance needed to become faster, stronger, and more explosive athletes. The included DVD walks athletes through the entire system step-by-step and provides numerous drills and exercises that can be performed at any level of experience. The comprehensive training system offered by Rogue Fitness will give athletes the edge they need to take their athleticism to the next level.


Pros & Cons


• Develops power and explosiveness

• Improves coordination

• Easy to follow instructions with the included DVD

• Develops speed, agility, and body control

• Suitable for all levels

• Affordable


• Slow progress due to limited exercises

• Does not offer comprehensive instruction on technique, form, and proper nutrition for best results

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

• Professional-level instruction

• Increase vertical jump height by 30%

• Learn how to use power releases, elbows, and pressing

• Personalized coaching and feedback

• Scientific program design

Should Not Buy:

• If you don’t currently participate in impact activities

• If you have lower extremity injuries

• If you’re not interested in improving your vertical jumping ability


- Length: approximately 2 hours long

- Video Format: Standard Edition DVD

- Bonus Content: Additional exercises and techniques

- Language: English

- Audience: Players of all ages and abilities

- Benefits: Improved explosive speed, power, and jumping ability

- Target Audience: Basketball and volleyball players, track and field jumpers

- Includes: Instructional DVD, exercise exercises, and nutrition tips

- Extras: DVD Jacket, bonus content, and full color workout booklet

-Genre: Sports & Fitness

-Rating: NR (not rated)

ProductFormatPriceIncluded Equipment
Westside Explosive Strength Development for Jumping (DVD Included)DVD$27.99N/A
Vertical Jump Bible 2.0eBook$39.95N/A
Jump ManualOnline Program$67N/A
Vert ShockOnline Program$119Training Band & Wall Jump Trainer

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