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False Grips

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False Grips

-gymnastics-grips False Grips Gymnastics Grips from Rogue Fitness are ergonomically designed wrist support devices designed to enable a secure, comfortable grip of barbells, pull-up bars and other gym equipment. The grips are constructed from a tear-resistant, breathable fabric blend and feature a dual strap configuration with an inner neoprene sleeve to provide enhanced palm support. This neoprene sleeve helps to evenly distribute the weight of the grip across the user's hand, preventing soreness and discomfort after long periods of time gripping the equipment. The wraps also feature a hook and loop closure system to securely secure the grip in place during use. Additionally, the grips are machine washable for easy cleaning and maintenance. In summary, False Grips Gymnastics Grips from Rogue Fitness are designed to provide comfortable, secure grip assistance with barbells and pull-up bars and are an excellent choice for any gym enthusiast looking to improve their grip strength.


Pros & Cons


• Provides extra grip and security during challenging exercises

• Easy to put on and remove

• Helps to reduce stress and strain on the hands

• Made with durable, high-grade materials

• Support up to 500 lbs of weight


• Not compatible with all bars

• May increase the difficulty in exercises that require grip

• Can be uncomfortable for some users

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy False Grips:

• People who want to increase their grip and pull-up strength

• People who want to do explosive exercises, such as muscle-ups, with increased grip security

• Gym-goers who regularly do pull-ups and barbell exercises

Who Should Not Buy False Grips:

• People whose hands are too small to comfortably fit the grips

• People who don’t do any pull-ups and barbell exercises

• People who are not willing to practice with the grips to get used to using them


• Made with steel and flexible nylon

• Pliable and durable design

• Rated up to 600 lbs

• Adjustable interchangeable grip sizes

• No hand fatigue from hanging holds

• Uses gravity to keep the user's hands in proper one-handed grip

• Compact travel-friendly design

• Easy to install on a wall, pull-up bar, or poles

ProductPriceWeight LimitMaterial
Rogue False Grips$29.99400 lbsSteel
Iron Woody Fitness Bands$39.90300 lbs100% Premium Latex
Squat Magic$29.99200 lbsSteel
Da Vinci Resistance Bands$17.99150 lbs100% Natural Latex
SKLZ Pull Up Assist$29.99250 lbsComfort foam and high grade steel

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