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First: What It Takes to Win

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First: What It Takes to Win

-book First, What It Takes To Win is a book from Rogue Fitness that provides valuable, firsthand insights from world-renowned athletes, coaches, and entrepreneurs. The book, written by strength and conditioning expert Dan John and performance coach Mark Verstegen, is packed with more than 20 expert interviews on the life and lessons that high performers from a plethora of industries use every day to improve their own game. The book provides guidance for athletes in almost any sport as well as those looking for personal growth. It covers topics such as mastering motivation, unlocking potential, cultivating grit, leading teams and much more. It also helps readers learn how to develop and maintain the traits of highly successful athletes, such as mental toughness, physical fitness, the ability to train smarter, and an overall disciplined outlook. The book is written in an easy-to-follow format and includes complementary “takeaways” in each expert interview. The combination of eloquent first-person accounts from some of the world’s greatest athletes and exercises to get the most out of each page makes this book an invaluable collection for motivated athletes. First, What It Takes To Win is a must-have addition to any athlete’s library. The engaging, informative content is presented in a straightforward, easy-to-understand way. It has garnered glowing reviews from amateur and professional athletes alike and is a great way to get motivated and stay on top of your game.


Pros & Cons


• Durable Construction

• Versatile exercise system

• Multi-faceted design

• Unique weight stack storage

• Multiple accessories available

• Compact design


• Higher initial cost

• Limited to certain exercises

• Not suitable for heavier/higher intensity workouts

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

•Those looking for a comprehensive guide to physical training

•Anyone wanting to increase their health and physical fitness

•Athletes competing in sports or physique competitions

Should Not Buy:

•Those looking for a specialized training guide

•Individuals not interested in physical fitness and health

•People without access to training equipment or the necessary space.


• World-Class Player Development System

• Elite Level Coaching & Instruction

• Sophisticated Analytics & Scoring

• Digital Content & Platforms

• Professional Management & Athletic Performance

• Comprehensive Travel & Logistics Partnership

• World-Class Facilities & Equipment

• Education Resources & Support Services

• Innovative Marketing & Recruiting Platforms

Tyndale House Publishers First: What It Takes to WinBook ABook BBook C
AuthorJim EverettJohn DoeJane Doe
Number of Pages192224256
PublisherTyndale House PublishersTyndale House PublishersTyndale House Publishers

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