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Rogue Floor Glute

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Rogue Floor Glute

-ham-developer The Rogue Floor Glute-Ham Developer is an innovative exercise platform that focuses on various lower body exercises such as Romanian deadlifts and bent knee back extensions, allowing users to strengthen and shape the entire posterior chain. The main tube measures 2.5" x 4" and the entire unit measures 66" high with a 21" x 45" base. The entire unit is made of heavy gauge steel and is powder-coated to resist corrosion and flaking, while at the same time, providing a comfortable and secure grip. The handles are positioned at just the right distance from the unit frame to encourage proper form and prevent strain on any kind of improper holding. Also, the adjustable angled footplates at the base allow for three different settings for different body types and exercises, proving the Glute-Ham Developer a great tool for everyone. The durable construction, adjustable settings and comfortable handles make this the perfect device for anyone who wants to focus on increasing their overall strength.

  • Rogue Floor Glute

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Pros & Cons


• Compact, small size for easy storage

• Offers an additional challenge for even the most advanced athlete

• Provides users with a full range of motion

• Can help to strengthen and tone muscles

• High-quality Construction materials for long lasting durability


• Somewhat pricey

• Limited to glute exercises only

• Can potentially cause injury if used improperly or beyond one’s current physical condition

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy This Home Gym Product:

•Those looking for an effective and convenient way to tone and build muscle in their glutes

•Fitness enthusiasts who are looking for an affordable piece of gym equipment

•People who need a piece of equipment that takes up minimal space

Who Should Not Buy This Home Gym Product:

•Those on a tight budget

•Impatient people who expect overnight results

•People without the space or determination to commit to a home workout routine


- Two laser-cut 10 gauge steel units, 3 times bolted together

- Designed to safely lift up to 600lbs

- Ten bolt configuration to secure the floor to the unit

- Flat black powder coat finish

- 56" x 25" x 8" overall dimensions

- 56" x 18.75" mounting surface

- 13" total height

- 9 threaded holes on top surface for various attachments.

- Slinding weight storage racks included.

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