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Foam Handle Steel Cable Jump Ropes

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Foam Handle Steel Cable Jump Ropes

The Rogue Foam Handle Steel Cable Jump Ropes offer a reliable, high-quality jump rope for gym and even home workouts. Crafted with a lightweight steel cable and solid plastic handles, these ropes help to ensure every jump is smooth, consistent and comfortable. The foam handles on the rope provide a cushioned, comfortable grip, whilst the steel cable adds a level of durability and strength that allows for multiple uses without the need for frequent replacement. The lightweight design allows for ease of movement and increased stability for your jumps. The handles come with a 10-inch length and a 1/2-inch diameter, allowing for a comfortable and secure grip. These handles are light and durable, and they provide an even weight distribution to ensure an even jump. The swivel carabiners at the end of the ropes enable it to be quickly attached to the anchor point of your choice. Thanks to their solid construction, these jump ropes are suitable for a range of intense exercises and workouts, making them an ideal addition to any regular exercise regimen. The steel cable is made to last, allowing for long-term use, and the foam handles provide cushioning and comfort for your hands.

  • Foam Handle Steel Cable Jump Rope - 7' - Green

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  • Foam Handle Steel Cable Jump Rope - 8' - Black

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  • Foam Handle Steel Cable Jump Rope - 9' - Red

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  • Foam Handle Steel Cable Jump Rope - 10' - Blue

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Pros & Cons


• Rugged steel cable won’t break or stretch – provides great snap and speed

• Contoured neoprene foam handles help absorb sweat and provide comfortable grip

• Length easily adjustable with screws or snaps – great for customizing jump rope to desired length

• Suitable for all skill levels – from beginners to expert athletes

• Affordable and great value for money


• The foam handle design is subject to absorbing sweat quickly

• No additional weights or features to add resistance

• Cable may be hard to get the proper tension to initially set jump rope length

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

- If you want an adjustable steel cable jump rope

- If you need a heavy-duty, durable jump rope

- If you are an experienced rope jumper and need a rope that can do more complex tricks

Should Not Buy:

- If you are a beginner in jump rope

- If you want a lightweight compact rope

- If you don't want a rope that is quite as heavy and durable


•Material: Steel Cable with Foam Handles

•Length: 9’6” or 11’10”

•Cable Length: 8’6” or 10’10”

•Weight: .50 or .65 lbs

•Bearing: 5.0 Sealed Ball Bearings

•Handle Length: 6” Long

•Handle Diameter: 1” Diameter Foam

ProductWeightCable LengthSuitable HeightCable Material
Rogue Foam Handle Steel Cable Jump Rope0.5 lbs10ft6ft or tallerPVC Coated Steel
SEAL Core Speed Cable Jump Rope0.5 lbs11ft6ft or tallerBraided Steel wire
Jump Rope Weighted Digital Counter0.62 lbs10ft5ft to 6ftStainless Steel
Elite Surge 2.0 Speed Cable Jump Rope0.38 lbs9ft5ft 4in or tallerAluminium Alloy
Savage 12ft PVC Coated Cable Speed Jump Rope0.37 lbs12ft6ft or tallerPVC Coated Steel

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