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O2 Orange Mango - 12 Pack

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O2 Orange Mango - 12 Pack

Formula O2 Orange Mango is a refreshing and energizing pre-workout product from Rogue Fitness. Each 12-pack includes 12 single-serving sachets of concentrated pre-workout powder, formulated with natural fruit flavors for a delicious and nutritious way to power your workout. The formula contains a powerful blend of key ingredients designed to increase energy and endurance levels. Each sachet is packed with Creatine, Taurine, Citrulline Malate, Beta-Alanine, and Caffeine, offering users a concentrated and sustained burst of energy. It also contains key electrolytes and B Vitamins to support optimal hydration and nutrition. In addition to the pre-workout benefits, the product is made with natural flavors and colors. Formula O2 Orange Mango contains no artificial colors or sweeteners, making it a healthier and more natural alternative to many other pre-workout products. Designed with convenience and portability in mind, the single-serve sachets make it easy to take Formula O2 on the go. Whether you’re hitting the gym or hitting the trails, the sachets offer a neat and tidy way to fuel your workouts and keep you at your peak performance. Overall, Formula O2 Orange Mango is a great choice for those who want an effective and natural pre-workout product with the convenience and portability of a single-serve sachet. Powered by natural ingredients and designed for on-the-go use, it’s the perfect way to fuel your fitness.


Pros & Cons


• Great taste

• Vitamins and minerals to support recovery

• Convenient 12-pack size

• Zero artificial colors or flavors

• Supports heart health


• High in sugar content

• Caffeine may not be suitable for everyone

• Ingredients list includes artificial sweeteners

• Unclear exact source of vitamins & minerals

• Price can be expensive compared to competitors

Who Should Buy

Anyone who wants an on-the-go nutrition supplement should consider buying the Formula O2 Orange Mango from Rogue Fitness. This product is especially handy for those who have a hectic lifestyle and need to replenish their energy levels and refuel their bodies quickly. The Orange Mango option provides a convenient blend of carbohydrates and electrolytes to promote healthy hydration.

On the other hand, people with food allergies or restrictions should avoid this product, as it contains ingredients that could cause an allergic reaction. People who are looking for an all-natural remedy should also look elsewhere, as the product contains several artificial ingredients.


- O2 Orange Mango flavor

- 12 pack per order

- High electrolyte content

- Low calorie

- Zero sugar

- 25 mg caffeine per can

- No artificial colors or flavors

- No preservatives

- Gluten free

- Non-GMO

ProductSugar (g) per ServingCalories per ServingNumber of Servings
Formula O2 O2 Orange Mango - 12 Pack8301
1 BOLT24 Antioxidant Electrolyte Water - Cranberry Lime001
2 Propel, Cranberry-Lime Water Beverage001
3 Izze Fortified Sparkling Juice, Apple13908 oz
4 Gatorade Perform 02 Thirst Quencher, Fruit Punch218020 oz

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