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Functional Bodybuilding - Aerobic Bodybuilder

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Functional Bodybuilding - Aerobic Bodybuilder

-collection The Functional Bodybuilding Aerobic Bodybuilder Collection from Rogue Fitness is a selection of products designed to improve aerobic performance while addressing bodybuilding goals. This kit includes two separate workout programs and accompanying equipment, enabling athletes to target a wide range of muscle groups and get an effective, comprehensive workout. The first program, Functional Bodybuilding, is designed to help athletes increase strength, endurance, and mobility with an emphasis on body control and stabilization. It consists of an interval-style workout program featuring a wide range of exercises and equipment including suspension trainers, kettlebells, medicine balls, battle ropes, etc. This program is suitable for athletes of all experience levels and can help increase explosive power, athleticism, and conditioning. The second program, Aerobic Bodybuilding, is designed to help athletes build muscle and improve endurance. It is based on the principles of high intensity interval training (HIIT) and includes a range of bodyweight and Olympic weightlifting exercises, plyometric drills, and cardio drills. This program is suitable for a more advanced athlete and emphasizes muscular endurance and cardiovascular development. Finally, this collection also comes with a selection of Rogue Fitness brand equipment, such as weight training bars, plates, bands, and more, allowing athletes to complete the included workouts with the best possible equipment. Overall, the Functional Bodybuilding Aerobic Bodybuilder Collection from Rogue Fitness is an excellent choice for athletes looking for a comprehensive training program to enhance athletic performance as well as build muscle. This kit’s two distinct but complementary programs, together with its accompanying Rogue Fitness equipment, provide a comprehensive training solution for athletes of all experience levels.


Pros & Cons


• Helps improve strength and muscular endurance

• Great way to add variety to your workout routine

• Increases cardio endurance

• Low-impact exercises which are easy to modify to your current fitness level

• Improves agility and coordination


• More expensive than traditional workouts

• Requires more planning and self-discipline

• Not suitable for all fitness routine and levels

• Advanced exercisers may find it difficult to find enough of a challenge for their existing fitness level

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Individuals who are looking to build their strength and aerobic fitness simultaneously

• Those who are comfortable with and have some experience with strength training

• People who don't have access to a gym or workout facility

Who Should Not Buy:

• Individuals who have not been involved with fitness activities before

• People who are not comfortable with strength training

• Those who lack the budget to purchase the product


•The aerobics platform is made of 1.5 mm thick steel and is powder coated for corrosion protection.

•Dimensions: 53"L x 28"W x 17"H.

•Provides a stable surface for performing exercises such as jumping jacks, burpees, walking lunges, planks, and other dynamic bodyweight movements.

•The Aerobic Bodybuilder also has two wide neoprene handles for core stability and grip strength development.

•Weight capacity of 300 lbs.

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