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Functional Bodybuilding - Base Camp

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Functional Bodybuilding - Base Camp

The Functional Bodybuilding Basecamp by Rogue Fitness is a comprehensive package designed to give athletes a customized approach to bodybuilding. This system combines the principles of functional bodybuilding and interval training for a tailored workout that is both effective and time-efficient. The package includes a thirty-minute instructional video, a flexible training guide, and a month-long evaluation. The instructional video provides the user with a comprehensive overview of the principles of functional bodybuilding and how to apply them in a comprehensive training routine. It also includes tips for optimizing one’s workouts for improved results. The flexible training guide outlines the program, exercises, and specific workouts that can be done with the system. It also includes detailed workout logs that can be used to track one’s progress. Finally, the month-long evaluation included in the package provides the user with the feedback necessary to properly tailor the program to their individual needs. This evaluation includes a comprehensive assessment of the user’s goals, strengths, weaknesses, and short- and long-term objectives. The evaluation report is designed to help the user develop a personalized plan to achieve their desired results. Overall, the Rogue Fitness Functional Bodybuilding Basecamp is a great package designed to take the guesswork out of training. By carefully combining the principles of functional bodybuilding and interval training, this system provides the user with an effective training routine tailored to their individual needs.


Pros & Cons


• Lightweight and easy to assemble equipment

• Provides a full-body workout

• Provides versatility in workouts, allowing you to choose among strength, power, and functional bodybuilding exercises

• Supports bodyweight exercises and core stability exercises

• Durable Construction


• Expensive compared to other home gym options

• Does not feature a wide selection of specialized weight lifting equipment

• May require additional pieces of equipment for certain exercises

• Limited space in some locations for a full setup

Who Should Buy

Why You Should Buy:

• Comprehensive range of products built to increase strength and muscle mass

• High quality materials that will last for many years

• Variety of exercises that can be done with the various products

• Train in the comfort of your own home

Why You Should Not Buy:

• Up-front, expensive purchase

• Space requirements

• Difficulty learning how to use the equipment safely and effectively

• Professional-level setup may be necessary for optimal performance


-12 gauge laser cut steel frame

-Corner rail welds

-42" tall x 72" long x 37" wide footprint

-1,000 LB load capacity

-Titanium alloy hardware

-Dual sided walk in pull up bars

-Dual layer chip resistant powder coat finish available in 5 colors

-Integrated 45/90 degree ab bench

-Integrated adjustable dip station

-Integrated narrow reverse band pegs

FeatureRogue Functional Bodybuilding - Base CampProduct AProduct BProduct C
StrengthFocused on increasing full body strengthGoodGoodExcellent
ResistanceAdjustable bands and cable attachmentsFairExcellentGood
DurabilitySteel frame and constructionExcellentGoodPoor
VersatilityBuilt-in rope pulleys and suspension rigsPoorExcellentFair

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