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Functional Bodybuilding - Beyond Knee Pain

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Functional Bodybuilding - Beyond Knee Pain

-with-bret-contreras-and-dr-ryan-devey Functional Bodybuilding: Beyond Knee Pain with Bret Contreras and Dr. Ryan Devey is a comprehensive product from Rogue Fitness that helps people learn how to stay injury free while pursuing their bodybuilding goals. The program consists of an 8-week online course with lesson plans and demonstrations from the two expert trainers. The course includes helpful information on how to assess knee pain, nutrition and diet plans, progressive exercises and rehabilitation, and how to adjust bodybuilding routines to accommodate knee pain. It also provides an extensive video library and course materials, as well as assessments for tracking progress and success. Each lesson also includes blog posts and a supportive Facebook community to help keep people motivated and on track. The goal of the program is to give users the tools and knowledge they need to safely and effectively bodybuild without the risk of injury.


Pros & Cons


• Includes comprehensive training program designed to optimize body mechanics

• Combines the principles of functional bodybuilding, squatting, and deadlifting

• Designed to help those experiencing significant knee pain

• Includes instruction on proper form and technique

• Includes large video library featuring tutorials


• Some users have reported difficulty in understanding complex concepts

- Could be time Consuming to work through each video tutorial

• May be challenging to stick with the program for a long period of time

Who Should Buy

• Reasons to Buy:

-It provides comprehensive information on how to prevent and address knee pain as a functional bodybuilder, so you can continue to train without injury

-It is written by a professional doctor, making it easier to trust the information

-It provides scientific evidence behind its methods and tools to help you understand the causes and solutions to knee pain

• Reasons Not to Buy:

-It doesn't provide any specific exercises or programs to help address knee pain

-It doesn't provide ways to modify exercises based on individual body mechanics

-It does not provide any therapeutic tools to help with recovery, such as foam rolling or massage


• Focus on body control to efficiently use and maintain the spine

• Improve flexibility and mobility with targeted tissue work

• Common movement assessments to ensure proper mechanics

• Balance strength and strength-endurance programs for stability

• Develop specific strength to achieve a higher level of performance

• Improve the ability to producce and respon to force

• Functional Athletic Movement to become stronger and prevent injury

ProductPricingWeight CapacityResistance Type
Rogue Functional Bodybuilding - Beyond Knee Pain$49.99Up to 300 lbsElastic Resistance
TheraBand Resistance Band$15.09Up to 250 lbsElastic Resistance
REEHUT Exercise Resistance band$13.99Up to 600 lbsElastic Resistance
Valeo Long Resistance Band$8.99Up to 100 lbsElastic Resistance

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