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Functional Bodybuilding - Functional Body Composition 2 - Female Edition

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Functional Bodybuilding - Functional Body Composition 2 - Female Edition

The Rogue Fitness Functional Bodybuilding Functional Body Composition 2 Female Edition is a comprehensive system designed to help you establish a strong, healthy foundation for all your fitness goals. With this kit, you will receive a comprehensive e-book, audio program and exercise training manual, which all work together to help you achieve your goals. The e-book includes information on nutrition, proper rest and recovery practices, regulation of hormones, and the fundamentals of functional bodybuilding. The audio program includes exercises and drills to help you master the basics of functional bodybuilding - such as proper form, effective workouts, and creative exercises. Lastly, the exercise training manual is an easy-to-follow guide that shows you how to build a truly functional body, step-by-step. All of the tools provided are designed to help you build an all-around strong, mobile, and healthy body. Whether you want to gain strength, power, or endurance, the Rogue Fitness Functional Bodybuilding Functional Body Composition 2 Female Edition is the perfect kit for you.


Pros & Cons


• Comprehensive program for females

• Includes a training video library for each movement

• comprehensive programs included

• Manuals included to track progression

• week program

• Variety of exercises targeting strength, power, and muscle growth


• Limited mobility/flexibility exercises

• Advanced nutrition plans require additional purchases

• Results vary based on individual commitment to program

• Difficulty in adjusting program if needed

• No access to certified personal trainer for support or advice

Who Should Buy

Women should buy this product because it is specifically designed for them and includes specific programs and nutrition advice to help them prepare for functional bodybuilding. Men should not buy this product because it is not designed for them.


• Full-body training program specifically designed for women

• 20-week program focused on strength, hypertrophy, and mobility

• 3 days of strength training & 2 days of cardio for a total of 5 training days per week

• Includes accessory work for extra performance and increased volume of training

• Workouts include a combination of barbell exercises, resistance machine exercises, and bodyweight exercises

• Complete nutrition plan with macronutrient information, recipes, and sample meal plan

• Fully customizable, so you can tailor the program to fit your individual goals and preferences

• Complete access to the Functional Bodybuilder Community for support and accountability

• Personalized coaching from a certified Functional Bodybuilding coach

• Access to exclusive content and online seminars teaching principles of Functional Bodybuilding

• Access to exclusive discounts in partner stores

ProductPriceLengthDifficulty Level
Rogue Functional Bodybuilding - Functional Body Composition 2 - Female Edition$24.998 WeeksIntermediate
IronFit Women’s Advanced Training Program$17.974 WeeksAdvanced
Pahlavan Strength Female Weightlifting Program$28.998 WeeksIntermediate
SheSquats Women’s Weight Training Program$19.9712 WeeksIntermediate

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