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Functional Bodybuilding - Functional Body Composition 2 - Male Edition

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Functional Bodybuilding - Functional Body Composition 2 - Male Edition

The Functional Bodybuilding & Functional Body Composition 2 - Male Edition from Rogue Fitness is geared towards anyone looking to develop their overall fitness and athletic abilities. This program provides training plans, nutrition advice, and conditioning programs tailored specifically for athletes, regardless of their current abilities. This program is designed to provide users with an understanding of functional bodybuilding and body composition principles that produce maximum performance. It also outlines how athletes can transition from weights to dynamic exercises and bodyweight movements for a more dynamic, full-body workout. Additionally, it provides information on nutrition and health topics like vitamins, supplements, and hydration. The program also covers mobility drills, proper warm-up techniques, corrective exercises, and reconditioning protocols to improve strength, stability, and flexibility. The Functional Bodybuilding & Functional Body Composition 2 - Male Edition provides users with a clear path to improving their athletic performance, mobility, and overall health.


Pros & Cons


• Comprehensive guide to building a better body composition through functional bodybuilding exercises

• Easy to follow and understand

• Suitable for both beginners and advanced athletes

• Includes exercise demos, sets, reps, and rest protocols to maximize efficiency

• Includes nutrition guidelines to support desired body composition

• Includes recovery guidelines to assist in muscle growth

• Includes suggestions for bodyweight exercises and equipment to reach goals


• Not suitable for long distance runners or bodybuilders, as the program focuses mainly on functional bodybuilding exercises

• Does not include any stretching or flexibility exercises

• Doesn’t include any proper warmup and cooldown instructions

• No advice on proper activation of muscles before exercising

• Limited nutrition information provided

• Expensive for a digital product

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

- Quality build and design

- Variety of exercises and movements available

- Ability to customize body composition and focus on specific muscle groups

- Compact design for convenience

Should Not Buy:

- Not ideal for people with joint or medical issues

- Does not have the same weight variety as a traditional gym

- High price point compared to other offerings


-Size: 84" x 73" x 52"

-Platforms: 3

-Weight: 489lbs

-Vertical uprights: 13 gauge steel

-Weight storage pegs: 2

-Handle pull-up bar: 5/8" diameter

-Footplates: Elongated flat pieces

-Pull-up bar: Multi-grip design with safety plates

-Lifting arms: 32mm dia. steel tubing

-Side frames: 11 gauge steel

-Safety stoppers: 2" height

Product NameCore FocusIncluded ToolsPrice
Rogue Functional Bodybuilding - Functional Body Composition 2 - Male EditionBodybuildingWarm-ups, workouts, nutrition and lifestyle information$199
Home Workout Essentials - Nutrition, Strength and HIITNutrition, Strength, HIITAccess to workout videos, nutrition plans, and personalized tracking$199
Build Muscle With Diet & Exercise ProgramBodybuilding, Strength TrainingBody tracking, meal plans, and video tutorials$149
Onnit 6-Week Body Transformation SystemStrength Training, BodybuildingNutrition, cardio, bodyweight, and strength training program$130

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