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Functional Bodybuilding - Functional Pump Conditioning

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Functional Bodybuilding - Functional Pump Conditioning

-program Rogue Fitness’ Functional Bodybuilding and Functioal Pump Conditioning Program is a comprehensive 12-week program designed to help athletes of all levels improve athleticism and develop muscle mass. This program was developed by Rogue Fitness’ team of bodybuilding and conditioning experts and is packed with comprehensive workouts and strategies for promoting muscle growth. The Functional Bodybuilding and Functional Pump Conditioning Program is based on proven principles of strength, conditioning and supplement timing. Through this program, athletes can develop lean muscle mass and gain strength faster by performing exercises that target their entire body. In addition, the emphasis on core stability and mobility in this program will help improve overall posture and reduce the risk of injury. To ensure that athletes get the most out of their program, Rogue Fitness provides detailed video tutorials for each exercise to ensure proper form and technique. This program also offers custom tracking and logging capabilities so that athletes can keep track of their progress. At the end of the program, athletes will have increased strength, improved posture, and increased lean muscle mass. This program is suitable for people of all fitness levels. All exercises can be modified to suit a person's individual needs. Those who are more advanced can increase the difficulty of the exercises by using heavier weights, or by incorporating different types of movements. This program is suitable for both men and women who are looking to boost their strength and muscle growth.


Pros & Cons


• Aims to help athletes build functional muscles for improved power and strength

• Includes customizable programming with a built-in warm-up and cool-down

• Can be combined with other programs to build on your strength

• Designed to target different rep ranges for increased muscular hypertrophy

• Includes both online access and digital downloads for easy access


• Does not include any instructional videos or guidance on proper form

• No nutrition advice is included in the program

• The program is specifically designed for athletes and may be too intense for beginners

• Requires a certain level of physical fitness to get the most out of the program

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• For anyone looking to build functional strength and muscular endurance

• People wanting to use functional bodyweight exercises to improve athleticism

• Those looking for a challenging yet effective full-body conditioning program

Who Should Not Buy:

• People who want to focus solely on developing maximal strength

• Those with limited experience in weightlifting and bodyweight movements

• Anybody not interested in getting a great pump in just 45 minutes!


- 7ft pull-up rig construction

- Fully customizable with a range of modular attachments

- Utilizes Rogue's signature 2x3-inch 11-gauge steel tube as the standard frame material

- Includes two powder coated weight horns to store Olympic plates and bumper plates

- Multi-grip pull-up bars for muscle-ups, chin-ups, and strict pull-ups

- Includes built-in dip station and two sets of fat/skinny parallel bars

- Built-in peg board for additional exercises

- Horizontal barbell tube for bench press and barbell floor press exercises

- V-slots to insert additional attachments, such as resistance bands or ab straps

- Easy-to-install design with short video tutorial for assembly instructions

ProductMax. Max WeightResistanceWorkout Programs
Rogue Functional Bodybuilding – Functional Pump Conditioning250 lbsVariable14+
Marcy Boost Strength Training System300 lbsDual 10-pound weight stacks10+
Weider 2980 Home Gym System210 lbsPulley system14+
Bowflex Blaze Home Gym210 lbsPower rod resistance30+
Total Gym XLS400 lbsVariable80+

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