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Functional Bodybuilding - Minimalist 30

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Functional Bodybuilding - Minimalist 30

-day-program The Functional Bodybuilding Minimalist 30-Day program from Rogue Fitness is designed to combine the best aspects of functional movement and bodybuilding to greatly improve physical performance. This program enables users to build functional, functional-bodybuilding foundation - rapidly increasing muscle growth, strength, and power. It features a comprehensive full-body program with challenging, comprehensive and comprehensive-minded programming on a daily basis, which is suitable for all levels of fitness. The program uses a periodized approach, designed to relentlessly challenge and tax the body, using specific muscle groups and exercises to develop mass, definition and strength. It includes both compound and isolation exercises, allowing each user to build muscle in the most effective manner for their goals. The intensity is scalable for all levels so anyone can quickly and easily progress through the program. The program includes nutrition and lifestyle advice, both of which are integral to maximizing results, as well as stretching and mobility guidance and guidelines. Each workout comes with detailed exercises and photos, as well as detailed descriptions and instructional information to ensure the user can perfect the movements and get the most out of each session. The program is designed to maximize results in the most efficient manner and is suitable for those wanting to build lean muscle, increase power and strength and improve overall physical performance.


Pros & Cons


• Introduces structured program for bodybuilding

• Can be completed in under 30 minutes

• Requires limited equipment

• Workouts are randomized to prevent boredom

• Uses bodyweight resistance exercises

• Can be easily scaled for all fitness levels


• Does not include free weights or machines

• Limited movements targeting muscle groups

• No guidance on appropriate weight selection for reps

• Workouts are randomized, so cannot repeat workouts if desired

• No warm-up or cool-down routines provided

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• High quality construction and materials

• Variety of colors and styles

• Calisthenics bodyweight-focused exercises to build functional strength and conditioning

Should Not Buy:

• Price is beyond your budget

• No need for bodyweight-focused exercises

• Already have a similar piece of equipment


• 30-minute workouts.

• Targets the entire body including posterior chain.

• Uses a combination of barbell, dumbbell and bodyweight exercises.

• Primarily focused on compound movements (squat, deadlift, press, etc.).

• Training is intended to improve strength, power, and endurance.

• Rep ranges generally from 5-15.

• Tempo range from 1-4 seconds for both concentric and eccentric movements.

• Make use of Rest-Pause Sets and Isometric Pauses.

• Focus on optimal form and quality of movement.

• Combines strength, hypertrophy, and conditioning training.

• Training can be modified for individuals of any fitness level.

• Programming typically follows a weekly periodization scheme.

• Structured nutrition and recovery protocols to maximize results.

• Passive and active stretches for mobility and flexibility.

• Focus on active recovery and stress management.

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Strength RatingABA
Rep Count2–32–33–4
Resistance Levels0–30 lbs.0–50 lbs.0–40 lbs.
Warranty10 Years5 Years2 Years

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