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Functional Bodybuilding - The Kettlebell Solution

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Functional Bodybuilding - The Kettlebell Solution

-for-unlimited-results-dvd Rogue Fitness's The Kettlebell Solution for Unlimited Results DVD is a workout program designed to help you get maximum results in the least amount of time. This training program is designed to help you strengthen and tone muscle, increase power and conditioning, and improve body composition with just one kettlebell session a week. The DVD takes you through a comprehensive yet simple approach to training, teaching you how to use multiple kettlebell exercises to develop a balanced and strong body. The program includes a variety of movements such as power swings, clean and jerks, snatch and press, and Turkish get-ups. All the exercises can be tailored to any fitness level, allowing you to increase the complexity of the movements as you become stronger and more confident. The workout program is broken down into five 30-minute sections, which include warm ups, core strength, strength building and metabolic conditioning, as well as cool down. The DVD also includes additional bonuses, such as instruction on basic safety guidelines and access to a private online video library for further education. The Kettlebell Solution for Unlimited Results DVD is perfect for those who are looking to develop a strength and conditioning program that can be tailored to their individual fitness level, as well as those who are short on time and are looking to make the most of their work out. With the help of this DVD and a few weights, you’ll be on your way to achieving massive progress in your goals.


Pros & Cons


• Compact and portable- easy to store and transport

• Over 100 exercises and movements

• Provides a full body workout in less time

• Improves strength, endurance, and mobility

• Varied workouts for multiple levels of fitness

• Affordable


• May be intimidating for some users

• Beginners need to learn proper form and technique

• Requires strength and muscles to use some of the advanced techniques

• Limited range of motion for certain exercises

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy This Product:

• Individuals looking to build a stronger core and improve muscle tone

• Individuals who want to add variety to their strength and conditioning workouts

• Fitness trainers who want to stay up to date with the latest trends

• People looking to increase their cardiovascular fitness

Who Should Not Buy This Product:

• Anyone with a serious injury or recovering from surgery

• People who are looking for a quick fix to their fitness goals

• Individuals who are not ready to commit to a consistent workout program


• 5 day functional bodybuilding training program

• Integration of kettlebell technique and application

• Combination of strength, power, hypertrophy, and metabolic conditioning protocols

• Comprehensive functional warm up routine

• Comprehensive nutrition manual

• Monthly progress tracking worksheets

• Member resources page with access to instructional videos and links to exercise databases

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WarrantyNot applicable1-year warranty30-day warranty90-day warranty
MaterialsCast Iron, VinylCast IronAluminumCast Iron
Weight Range12 - 35 pounds10 - 45 pounds10 - 35 pounds10 - 25 pounds
Maximum Weight Capability35 pounds45 pounds35 pounds25 pounds
Adjustable WeightsNoYesYesNo

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