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Ghost Calibrated KG Plates

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Ghost Calibrated KG Plates

The Rogue Ghost Calibrated KG Plates are a versatile and affordable weight set for strength and weight training. These plates are accurately calibrated to a tolerance of within 5 grams, with specific weight markings and color coded denotations to allow for easily identified lifting increments. The plates are made of urethane, which is a durable and long-lasting material that is resistant to chipping, cracking, and odor absorption. The combination of sleek design and urethane makeup makes them an ideal choice for home gyms and training facilities alike. The plates are available in various weight increments, including 1.25KG, 2.5KG, 5KG, 10KG, 15KG and 20KG, with a maximum load capacity of 500KG. These plates feature an ergonomic rounded steel core design, allowing them to fit securely and evenly on most Olympic bars. The thick urethane coating provides a secure and comfortable grip and doubles as a layer of protection against damage. These plates also feature a unique matte black powder coat coating, which allows for easy visibility during the weight-lifting process. These plates can be stacked securely on top of each other, allowing for easy storage and transportation. The Rogue Ghost Calibrated KG Plates are an optimal choice for people looking for a reliable and dependable weight set with accurate calibration, durability, and an ergonomic feel.

  • 0.25KG Ghost Calibrated Plate Pair

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  • 0.5KG Ghost Calibrated Plate Pair

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  • 2.5KG Ghost Calibrated Plate Pair

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  • 5.0KG Ghost Calibrated Plate Pair

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  • 50KG Ghost Calibrated Plate Pair

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Pros & Cons


• Calibrated to 10g production weight tolerances

• Cut from 300 grade steel

• Color coded per kilogram weight

• Machined center hole with undercut for a secure fit

• Mounting holes for easy loading

• year warranty


• Pricey compared to standard plates

• Available in KG only

• May produce more noise than rubber/urethane plates

Who Should Buy

- Who Should buy:

- People looking for plates with extremely accurate weight measurements.

- People looking for a set of plates with an attractive design.

- Power lifters needing accurate weight measurements for competitions and training.

- Who Should not buy:

- People looking to buy lighter plates.

- People looking to buy colored plates with the same weight measurements.

- People shopping on a tight budget.


• Available in standard sizes from kg up to 50kg

• Color-coded in light blue to identify its exact weight

• Made with 12-sided ""retro"" design

• Hi-Tech polyurethane coated steel

• Designed for minimal bounce

• Exceeds ASTM standard for calbiration accuracy

• Professional grade with easy to handle raised numbers

• Each plate is milled with a unique serial number for traceability

Plate TypeBrandWeight (KGS)Price
Ghost Calibrated KG PlatesGhost10,15,20,25$299.99
Calibrated KG Competition Bumper PlatesTroy VTX10,15,20,25$319.00
Calibrated Steel PlatesAmerican Barbell10,15,25$319.99
Premium Bumper PlatesHumanX10,15,20,25$299.00

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