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Ghost J-Cup Camber Bar Block

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Ghost J-Cup Camber Bar Block

The Ghost J-Cup Camber Bar Block from Rogue Fitness is the perfect addition to any home or commercial gym. It is designed to provide support and stabilization for any lateral bent barbell row exercises. The core of the block is made from strong 11-gauge steel, ensuring unbeatable sturdiness. The exterior of the block is fully encased in closed-cell foam that has textured panels to a ensure a secure grip in any environment. The interior of the Ghost J-Cup Bar Block is designed to accommodate any standard camber barbells and is pre-drilled with eight mounting holes, making it incredibly easy to mount to your floor. The J-Cup design helps to keep your camber bar safely in place so you can focus on your workout. This allows you to perfect your form and use heavier weights for heavier loads. The Ghost J-Cup Bar Block also uses a unique anti-slip coating to minimize sliding even when the block is placed on slick surfaces. The block also features a sleek black finish that allows it to blend into any gym aesthetic. The Ghost J-Cup Bar Block is the perfect tool to help make your lateral bent barbell rows more efficient, effective and safe. Its durable construction and smart design eliminates worries of slipping or breaking even when lifting heavy loads. With its versatility, easy installation and lifetime warranty, the Ghost J-Cup Bar Block is certain to be a great addition to any gym.

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Pros & Cons


• Compatible with 28mm Camber Barbells requiring the J-cup

• Rated for 2000 lb capacity

• Fits Olympic or Metric bearing bars

• Selling at discounted prices

• Made with high-strength steel


• Not compatible with for some 28mm Camber Barbells

• No color options

• Could be too heavy for some users if not properly secured

• Could require additional modifications or purchases to secure to rack

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Those that need a heavy-duty j-cup and mobility block for serious weightlifting, such as powerlifters and bodybuilders

• Anyone looking for unmatched quality and performance

• Those that need a highly secure connection from their barbell to their power rack or other storage units

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those that are not serious about weightlifting and don’t need the added stability of a j-cup and block combo

• Those on a budget who need to save money and find cheaper alternatives


- Ghost Ghost J-Cup Camber Bar Block

- Compatible with 1.125” hole pattern on many multifunctional home gym pieces

- Powder coated for extra durability

- UV stabilized rubber for superior protection

- Compatible with any barbell and cable machines

- Comes with all necessary hardware for easy installation

- Dimensions: 8.75” x 7.2” x 2.7” (L x W x H)

- Weight: 10.6 lbs.

ProductWeight (grams)Max Load (lbs)Price ($)
Ghost J-Cup Camber Bar Block845,35934.95
Feetech RC SCX24 Servo1166.113.99
Traxxas 2075X High-Torque Digital Servo4725049.99
Turnigy 8421 Digital Robotic Servo733222.90
POWER HD LW-20MG Waterproof Digital Servo4622.225.99

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