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Ghost KG Change Plates

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Ghost KG Change Plates

-red The Ghost KG Change Plates by Rogue Fitness offer an innovative and space efficient solution to all of your weight plate storage needs. The unique design of these plates allows you to store them either stacked or combined for maximum storage and convenience. Each plate is constructed from precision-machined steel for superior durability and is rubber coated to help protect any surface you set it on. The vibrant red covers provide a visually appealing, modern look that will make any gym stand out from the rest. The plates also feature easy-to-read etched numbers and kilogram increments for accurate tracking of weight as you move from one exercise to the next. Additionally, the plates are calibrated to within 1% weight tolerance and include steel lifting handles for easy lifting and carrying. The Ghost KG Change Plates by Rogue Fitness are the perfect solution for all of your weight plate storage needs.

  • 1.5KG Ghost Change Plate Pair

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  • 5.0KG Ghost Change Plate Pair

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Pros & Cons


• Easy to use - The Ghost KG Change Plates feature an ergonomic design which makes them easy to grip, meaning you can quickly and easily adjust your weight.

• Durable - The plates are made from a military-grade, rubberized composite, making them extremely durable so they won't chip or crack over time.

• Stackable - The plates feature interlocking tabs, so you can quickly and easily stack them and make it easier to store them.

• Variety - The plates come in a variety of weights (1.25kg, 2.5 kg, 5kg, 10 kg, 15kg) so you can customize your workout.


• Expensive - The plates are on the higher end of the price range when compared to other weight plates.

• Limited Use - The Ghost KG Change Plates are designed only for weightlifting, so they are not suitable for other exercises.

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

- Affordability - the Ghost KG Change Plates are competitively priced

- Quality - the plates are made of hard rubber, making them extremely durable

- Versatility - the plates can be used with all powerlifting and Olympic-style bars

- Variety - the plates come in numerous sizes for different levels of weight

Should Not Buy:

- Cost - the plates may be more expensive than other plates on the market

- Limited Use - the plates are only suitable for powerlifting and Olympic-style bars

- Limited Weight Range – the plates are only available in kgs, which may not meet the needs of some weightlifters


- Pair of 45 lb plates (90 lb total)

- High carbon steel core surrounded by urethane

- Alloy steel hub

- 27.5” diameter

- 6 holes for secure mounting

- Center hole has recessed edges to protect bar knurling

- Raised numbers on each side for easy readability

- matte black finish with white lettering and logos

- Pairing collar included

- Weight tolerance ±2%

Ghost25 KGBlack, Silver, Brushed Silver, Pink39mm + 50mm / 55mmGrip Design: Urethane
XMark25 KGBlack, Green, Red43mm + 56mm / 42mmTri-Grip Design
Power25 KGBlack, Chrome, Blue48mm + 50mm / 50mmPlug Style Design
Perfo25 KGGreen, Orange, Dark Gray50mm + 51mm / 50mmUser-Friendly Design

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