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Ghost KG Competition Bumpers

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Ghost KG Competition Bumpers

Rogue’s Ghost KG Competition Bumpers are designed for the serious weightlifter who is looking for a bumper that can handle the toughest of conditions. These high-end bumpers are made of an extra hard rubber compound and have been tested to withstand up to 1,500lbs of force without skipping a beat. The unique disc shape allows you to quickly and easily increment and decrement your weight when performing competition lifts such as cleans and jerks. The 15 kg diameter allows you to differentiate between multiple barbells in the same space and is stylishly presented in a modern black finish that fits well in any gym. The price may be a deterrent for some, but for a competition grade bumper designed for athletes adhering to competitive weightlifting standards, this is a must have.

  • 15KG Ghost Competition Bumper Pair

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  • 20KG Ghost Competition Bumper Pair

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  • 25KG Ghost Competition Bumper Pair

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Pros & Cons


• Color options available for ideal customization

-Solid rubber Construction provides maximum durability

• Low bounce ensures a safe lifting environment

• Collar-locking technology for bar security

• Low dead bounce allows for easy recovery after drops


• More expensive than other rubber bumper plates

• Weight accuracy can vary between models

• May be slightly difficult to separate when stacked

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Anyone looking for a durable set of bumper plates for CrossFit or Olympic lifting workouts

• Individuals who want a high quality bumper plate set with minimal bounce

• Those looking for colored plates to match their gym or fitness decor

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those who aren't interested in a professional-grade bumper plate set

• Those who are on a tight budget and need to keep an eye on costs

• Those who aren't interested in a colored plate set


- Made from North American steel

+- Powder coating protects against rust

+- Average shipping weight of 130lbs

+- Fit 2" O.D. bars

+- Most come in black but can be special ordered in other colors

+- Finished with a shiny chrome-like appearance

+- 8x3 mounting holes

+- Fits most standard bumpers

Ghost KG CompetitionSpinlockIPF & IWF$182
HulkFit Olympic BumperOlympicIPF & IWF$120
Rep Fitness PlatesOlympicIPF$116
X Training BumpersSpinlockIPF$77

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