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Good Dudes Coffee - The Lincoln

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Good Dudes Coffee - The Lincoln

-coffee Good Dudes Coffee The Lincoln Coffee is a small batch coffee bean sourced from the west coast of Colombia. The roast for this coffee is done in the style of an American light roast, and the aroma features notes of sweet oranges, cocoa, and dried fruit. The flavor profile is a combination of bright citrus and chocolate with a smooth, balanced finish. This blend features a combination of Arabica beans, giving it a medium body with low acidity. The Lincoln Coffee is a great choice for those who prefer light-bodied and sustainable blends. It's an excellent accompaniment for sweet and savory breakfast dishes and pairs well with dark chocolate. The Lincoln Coffee is produced using sustainable and ethical practices. It is certified to have been ethically sourced and manufactured using ecologically friendly and organic methods. The beans are also shade-grown, allowing them to harvest more slowly and slowly develop their flavor. Additionally, the resulting coffee beans are of the highest quality. The small batch roasting technique allows for maximum flavor and complexity. Overall, The Lincoln Coffee is a delicious and ethically sourced coffee option. The light american-style roast brings out the best flavors, and the combination of low-acidity and medium body create a balanced cup of coffee. Additionally, the sustainable and organic practices guarantee that this coffee is ethical and fresh-tasting. Perfect for those just starting out in the world of specialty coffee or those who prefer light French-style blends, The Lincoln Coffee is a great choice for any coffee enthusiast.


Pros & Cons


• Rich dark roast flavor

• Sourced from sustainable farms

• Rainforest Alliance certified

• Super-smooth, medium-bodied taste

• Give Back' proceeds to benefit veterans


• Higher price point compared to competitors

• Not sold in stores, only online

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

1. If you're looking for a high-quality coffee blend

2. If you prefer a smooth and bold roast

3. If you like to support a small business

Should Not Buy:

1. If you are looking for a different flavor profile

2. If you prefer a lighter roast

3. If you do not want to support a small business


-Location: Lincoln, NE

-Style: Artisan Coffee Roastery

-Coffees: Single Origin, Blends, Espresso Blends, Decaf

-Custom Roasting: Drop-Ship Roasting

-Speciality Features: Nitro Brew, Cold Brew Bottle Refills, Cold Brew Pouches

-Services: Full-Service Coffee Bar, Coffee Education, Custom Blending & Packaging, and Wholesale Provisions

ProductPriceRoast LevelOrigin
Good Dudes Coffee - The Lincoln$14.99Medium-DarkPeru
Coffee Bean Direct - Peru Organic$11.99Medium-DarkPeru
Volcanica Coffee Co. - Cajamarca Peru$19.90Medium-DarkPeru
Stumptown Coffee Roasters - Peru$18Medium-DarkPeru

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