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GORUCK - Ruck Plates

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GORUCK - Ruck Plates

The GORUCK Ruck Plates from Rogue Fitness are a robust weight training solution for functional fitness. Constructed from high-strength steel alloy, the plates feature a sleek, black coating for an aesthetically pleasing look in any gym. They come in a variety of sizes, from 5lbs up to 45lbs, so no matter the type of lifting routine you are doing, you are sure to find the perfect weight for you. The plates are designed to be stackable and feature integrated no-slip grips on the sides and a reinforced handle on the top. Additionally, they come with added rubber backing to further protect your floors when lifting. These plates are approved by GORUCK, a manufacturer of performance-grade exercise and adventure equipment, ensuring that each plate is built with top quality material and construction to endure harsh conditions and many rugged workouts.

  • GORUCK - Ruck Plate - 10 LB

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  • GORUCK - Ruck Plate - 20 LB

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  • GORUCK - Ruck Plate - 30 LB

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  • GORUCK - Ruck Plate - 45 LB

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Pros & Cons


• Durable coating for protection against rust and wear

• Weight adjusting top-handle for balance and comfort

* Internally laminated Construction offers extreme durability

• Color coded for easy weight recognition

• Non-slip textured coating for a secure grip

• Built with military-grade webbing


• May be too heavy for some users

• Expensive compared to similar products

• Not suitable for users with serious back problems

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Someone looking for a rugged and durable plate for their fitness needs

• Someone looking for a plate with a military-style look

• Someone who needs a high-quality weight plate that can be used for various exercises

Who Should Not Buy:

• Someone looking for a lightweight plate that can be easily carried

• Someone looking for a cheaper alternative to a weight plate

• Someone who is not interested in having a military-style plate


- Weight: 25 lbs.

- Dimensions: 9.25” x 12.25” x 0.94”

- Construction: Military grade polymer

- Curve: Laser cut to match natural movement of body for comfort

- Depth: 0.94” to ensure proper compression of shoulders

- Handle Cutouts: Uniquely-shaped handles blend into final design for an overall natural look

- Grab Points: Strategically placed “finger pulls” and “grab points” for easy maneuverability

- Logo: High-visibility embossed logo on both sides

Goruck GORUCK - Ruck Plates10 lbs$95Cast iron weighted plates for use with a rucking backpack.
CAP Barbell Cast Iron Weight Plate10 lbs$31Solid cast iron black enamel finish plates.
Marcy Olympic Weight Plate10 lbs$22Solid cast iron plate with bold Olympic markings.
SPRI Deluxe Rubber Weight Plates10 lbs$72Solid rubber weight plates with integrated handles.

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