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GORUCK - Sternum Strap 2.0

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GORUCK - Sternum Strap 2.0

The Goruck Sternum Strap 2.0 is an essential addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s gear. This unique strap is designed to provide secure and comfortable carrying of multiple pieces of equipment at once. The Sternum Strap is made from heavy-duty nylon webbing, with a reinforced adjustable buckles for extra security. The 1" wide adjustable strap can be adjusted for a perfect fit and stays in place throughout your adventure. The 500D Cordura material makes this strap both water-resistant and highly durable. This strap features an improved push-button release system for easy putting on as well as removal. The Goruck Sternum Strap 2.0 is suitable for a range of different activities and environments. From camping, hiking and running to cycling, military and law enforcement activities, the Sternum Strap is up to the task. It allows you to carry larger items with ease, without the discomfort or pressure of traditional straps. With heavy-duty and reinforced stitching, this strap will last through the toughest of adventures. Whether you’re hitting the trails, hitting the road or hitting the water - the Goruck Sternum Strap 2.0 has your back. With an adjustable strap and enhanced push-button release system ensure a secure, comfortable and reliable connection to your equipment when you need it most.

  • GORUCK - Sternum Strap 2.0 - Black

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  • GORUCK - Sternum Strap 2.0 - Coyote Brown

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Pros & Cons


• Extra stabilization while wearing a heavy rucksack

• Breathable and light-weight neoprene material

• Ergonomic design for long-term comfort

• Adjustable for the perfect fit

• Compatible with multiple types of rucksacks


• Some users find the strap does not stay in place while moving

• Not compatible with all types of rucksacks

• Can be difficult to fit correctly

• Can be uncomfortable for some users if not adjusted properly

Who Should Buy

Reasons to Buy:

• Compatible with a wide variety of Ruck Packs

• Adjustable length to fit various user torso sizes

• Enhanced customization for more comfortable fitting

• Durable and built to last

• Versatile and lightweight

Reasons to Not Buy:

• Not compatible with all Ruck Packs

• Too large for users with small body frames

• Not ideal for heavy-duty carrying conditions

• Not as stylish or fashionable as some other options

• Not as water-resistant as other straps


•Adjustable and breathable for comfort

•Non-slip, hydro-resistant rubberized material for secure fit

•Ergonomically shaped to fit your body

•Lightweight construction

•Reflective webbing for greater visibility in low light

0.14 lbsNylon WebbingYes
0.08 lbsNylon WebbingNo
0.11 lbsNylon WebbingYes
0.07 lbsPolypropylene WebbingYes

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