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Grid Ball

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Grid Ball

The Grid Ball from Rogue Fitness is a versatile piece of athletic equipment that aids in strength and accuracy training. The ball is made of durable materials to ensure a long lifespan. The bright orange design is eye-catching and easily identifiable, making a statement in your gym or home. It has a diameter of 12 inches and comes in weight increments ranging from 3-15 lbs, allowing for full customization for any fitness level. The shape of the ball is unique in that it has two sections connected by a strip, providing two surfaces for increased stability and control when completing exercises such as slams or wall ball shots. The two sides also allow the ball to be used for mirror drills, enhancing movements like agility and coordination. The ball has easily grippable ridges on the outside that make it easy to grip and handle. Furthermore, it is exceptionally well-built for sustained durability and usage with athletes, trainers, and group classes. All in all, the Grid Ball is an effective workout tool that can be use in a wide array of exercises, owned by any athlete looking to add more versatility to their gym routine.


Pros & Cons


• Made from durable, solid rubber for long-term durability

• Designed to roll smoothly and improve agility

• Making training exercises more effective

• Compact enough to store or take with you anywhere

• Versatile; can be used in various core and strength exercises


• Premium price compared to other fitness balls

• Can be a bit challenging to stabilize during exercises

• The weight of the ball might be too heavy for some users

• May not fit in certain spaces due to its large size

• Cleaning requires more effort than other materials such as vinyl

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy

• Athletes who want to challenge and improve their fitness in a range of exercises

• Those looking for a durable, high-quality piece of fitness equipment

Who Should Not Buy

• Those seeking a lightweight piece of fitness equipment for travel

• Those seeking equipment for support of particular muscle groups


• Dimensions: 8 x 16 feet

• Cage/Netting: 1/2-inch square mesh

• Net Height: 5 feet

• Line Specs: 1.5-inch nylon

• Poles/Bars: 10 vertical bars (1-inch diameter)

• Weight: 55 lbs. (fully assembled)

• Colors: Yellow and black

Brand NameTypeMaterialSize
Trigger PointGrid BallPlastic2.5 in
GaiamYoga BallVinyl25cm
LululemonExercise BallVinyl45 cm
ProSourceFit Extra ThickPVC38cm

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