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Grippy X Sleeves

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Grippy X Sleeves

The Grippy X Sleeves from Rogue Fitness are designed for serious weightlifters who want extra protection and stability during their workout. These heavy-duty sleeves are made from an advanced Neoprene/Nylon blend, making them highly durable and comfortable. The material provides maximum support while still allowing full range of motion during workouts. These sleeves have an ergonomic design that contours to the shape of your forearm, allowing for unparalleled stability and comfort. The interior is lightly padded to protect against bruising and abrasions. The exterior of the Grippy X Sleeves has superior grip; a specialized stripe texture allows for ultimate grip and control when lifting. They are also moisture-wicking and help keep you cool and comfortable while you train. They feature ultra-thin silicone padding, which provides additional cushion and supports heavy weights. The sleeves have a unique X pattern, giving them an iconic look. The Grippy X Sleeves from Rogue Fitness are an ideal choice for those looking for the best weightlifting protection and performance. They are highly durable and protective, yet still comfortable and stylish. They offer superior grip, support, and padding for heavy lifting, as well as providing coolness and comfort. With their unique X pattern and ergonomic design, these sleeves are sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

  • Grippy X Sleeves - Black - S

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  • Grippy X Sleeves - Black - 3XL

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  • Grippy X Sleeves - Black - 4XL

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Pros & Cons


• Made from ultra-durable material

• Offers superior grip and comfort

• Covers lower arms with light protection

• Reinforced stitching prevents tears

• Helps protect against minor scrapes and abrasions


• Not as durable as other products

• May not provide enough protection for more intense activities

• May not be suitable for larger arms

• May restrict range of motion

• Can be tricky to put on and off

Who Should Buy

Why Buy?:

-Provides ankle and wrist support

-Reinforced stitching for increased durability

-Breathable and lightweight material

-Offers range of motion

Why Not Buy?:

-May be too snug for some

-Only black color available

-Not suitable for serious weightlifting


• Double-lined, 100-microfiber polyester material

• Padded elbows and reinforced shoulders

• Contoured fit to reduce bunching and improve comfort

• Stretch-cuff design for maximum range of motion

• Ergonomic seams and anti-odor technology

• Insulated thumbholes on each sleeve

• Reflective branding for added visibility

• Machine-washable and quick-dry material

Grippy X Sleeves0.7 lbsThermoskinHighVery durable$39.99
CopperFit Knee Sleeve0.3 lbsCompressionHighVery durable$49.99
UFlex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve0.3 lbsCompressionHighDurable$19.99
ACE Reversible Knee Sleeve0.8 lbsNeopreneMediumDurable$19.99
Vulkan Neoprene Knee Support0.6 lbsNeopreneMediumVery durable$24.95

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