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Harbinger - Wrist Support Pairs

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Harbinger - Wrist Support Pairs

Rogue Fitness's Harbinger Wrist Support pairs provide comfort and stability to the wrists of fitness undertakeres, weightlifters and athletes alike. Constructed with neoprene and flexible stays, the support's lightweight and breathable fabric keeps hands and wrists cool, reduce strain and fatigue, and reduce restrictions on wrist and hand motion. The built-in foam padding fits snugly for a supportive fit and helps to relieve pressure on the wrists. The adjustable wrap straps provide comfortable and secure support, while the integrated thumbs bands add flexibility and stability. The Harbinger Wrist Support pairs are a must have for serious athletes aiming to hit their top performance level.


Pros & Cons


• Provides extra support for wrists during weightlifting and other physical activities

• Lightweight and airy, making it comfortable to wear

• Snug fit allows for secure support

• Contoured shape reduces pressure points

• Open-palm design allows easy movement of fingers and hands

• Gripping textured material provides additional grasp and control


• May not provide enough support for those with severe wrist injuries

• Not suitable for swimming or water sports

• Not adjustable for different circumferences or sizes

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy the Harbinger Wrist Support:

• Individuals with wrist pain or recovering from an injury

• Athletes who train with heavy dumbbells and barbells

• Those who experience wrist fatigue or need more wrist support

Who Should Not Buy the Harbinger Wrist Support:

• Individuals who are not looking for extra wrist support

• Individuals who are not suffering from wrist pain or recovering from an injury

• Those who typically do not do heavy lifting and do not need extra wrist support


• Alleviates lingering discomfort in arms and wrists

• Fully adjustable

• Breathable, lightweight neoprene material

• Reflective logo for night time visibility

• Durable, yet soft to the touch

• Sizing for individual needs

• Easy to clean and care for


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