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Hookgrip Double Layer Knee Sleeves - Pair

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Hookgrip Double Layer Knee Sleeves - Pair

-green The Hookgrip Double Knee Sleeves by Rogue Fitness are secured, medium-tension compression wear specifically designed to help protect and support the knees during high-intensity workouts. This pair of knee sleeves are made from seven-millimetre neoprene and are designed to provide stability and warmth, while also improve form and performance, even during the most strenuous weightlifting and CrossFit activities. The Hookgrip Double Knee Sleeves are designed with enhanced durability in mind, constructed with reliable stitching, a contoured shape to reduce bunching, and non-slip silicone on the interior to keep them securely in place. This design also boasts unique "Kangaroo" fingertip-grip anchors which provide a strong grip and additional support without the need to constantly readjust each sleeve during activity. The black and green color scheme is also a nice touch, with the black material offering reliable knitted coverage, while the bold green lines create a fashionable look. This pair of dual knee sleeves are suitable for a wide range of lifts and applications, offering both a comfortable fit and modern style.

  • Hookgrip Double Layer Knee Sleeves - Pair - Black - XS/S

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  • Hookgrip Double Layer Knee Sleeves - Pair - Black - M/L

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  • Hookgrip Double Layer Knee Sleeves - Pair - Black - XL/2XL

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Pros & Cons


• Anatomically designed for active movement

• Compression increases muscle stability

• Cushioned knee support against impacts

• Breathable, moisture-wicking fabric

• Reduces risk of injuries


• Pricey

• May be uncomfortable to wear for some

• Sizing runs small

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

• Durable construction

• Reinforced stitching for extra durability

• Increased warmth during and after exercise

• Increased support and stability

• Increased knee health

• Enhanced performance

Should Not Buy:

• If you want a single knee sleeve

• If you are not looking for extra support or stability

• If you do not need extra warmth during or after exercise

• If you are not looking for enhanced performance


-Made with special double-layered multi-fabric to give superior comfort and support

-Ideal for powerlifters, weightlifters, and functional athletes

-5mm thick neoprene construction for increased warmth and compression

-Optimized joint protection and anti-slip design

-Soft stretchy Lycra® fabric for improved flexibility and durability

-Red and black Hookgrip design for an eye-catching look

-Antimicrobial treatment helps keep the product clean and free from odors and bacteria

-Non slip-grips help keep the sleeves in place during your workouts

-One size fits most

Hookgrip Double Layer Knee Sleeves - Pair7.5mmNeopreneS-XXL$42
Sling Shot Knee Sleeves - Pair5.5mmNeopreneXS-XXL$56
Rehband Knee Sleeves - Pair7mmNeopreneS-XXL$39
Inzer Advance Designs Knee Sleeves - Pair7mmNeopreneS-XXL$31
Sanabul Knee Compression Sleeve - Pair5mmPolyesterS-XL$17.99

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