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Hypertrophy Finishers Bible

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Hypertrophy Finishers Bible

The Hypertrophy Finishers Bible by Rogue Fitness is the perfect addition to any strength training routine. This comprehensive, 196-page digital guide provides an in-depth look at how to maximize muscle gains through the use of muscle building finishers. With over 90 Hypertrophy Finishers included, readers will have an array of exercises to choose from as they attempt to effectively target all areas of their body. The book begins with a detailed look into why finishers can be so beneficial in helping to achieve gains, as it educates the reader on how to properly employ the use of finishers to gain the most out of their workouts. An entire chapter is devoted to teaching the reader how to develop and follow a customized finisher program that meets their individual goals. The work then moves on to an extensive breakdown of the anatomy of a finisher, which covers everything from training variables to metabolic conditioning modalities. The remaining chapters in the book take the reader through a series of exercises designed to help build hypertrophy. The exercises are divided into four primary categories: strength training, metabolic conditioning, loaded carries and mobility. Breaking down each exercise into its own step-by-step instructions, the book offers detailed pictures and video demonstrations to help guide readers through the entire process. Whether the reader is a beginner, an intermediate, or an advanced lifter, the Hypertrophy Finishers Bible can be an invaluable asset in navigating through the journey of muscle building. It gives a detailed look into how to effectively use hypertrophy finishers and allows readers to customize their program based on their individual goals.


Pros & Cons


• Easy to follow instruction manual that teaches you how to get the most out of each workout

• Practical exercises that help you progress and work your body in different ways

• Variety of exercises presented with both bodyweight and equipment options

• Accessible to all fitness levels

• Gives structure to your workout routine


• Expensive price point compared to similar products

• Not every exercise is applicable for everyone depending on your fitness level

• It may be difficult to stay motivated due to limited variety of exercises

• Limited video and photo guidance which can make it difficult to follow the exercises correctly at times

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• People looking for a comprehensive guide for post-workout muscle and strength training

• Anyone who wants to learn effective, efficient methods for maximizing muscle fatigue

• People who want to challenge themselves in new, unique ways

Who Should Not Buy:

• People who don't have any workout equipment or access to a gym

• People who prefer traditional gym workouts

• People who are looking for a completely body-weight oriented exercise plan


• 12 weeks of comprehensive programming to optimize muscle hypertrophy

• Each phase is divided into three distinct parts: Stimulation, Adaptation, and Customization

• 312 exercises across all modalities: stability, resistance, conditioning, and mobility

• 83 fully explained advanced programming techniques

• Detailed instruction and coaching cues included for every exercise throughout the program

• Video coaching library included for easy reference

• 82 Hypertrophy Finishers to transition between cycles and help accelerate progress

• More than 400 individual exercise drawings and over 130 exercise videos

ProductPriceAccessories Included?Additional Exercises in the Form of App?
Rogue Hypertrophy Finishers Bible$49NoYes
Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy$20.90NoNo
Hypertrophy Manuals: Complete Muscle-Building Workouts and Techniques$24.95NoNo
Reebok Unisex Training Gym Bag$18.99YesNo

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