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Infinity / Monster Lite Pin and Pipe Safeties

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Infinity / Monster Lite Pin and Pipe Safeties

The Rogue Fitness Infinity ML Pin and Pipe Safeties are a versatile and sturdy addition to your home gym or fitness center. These heavy-duty safeties offer a secure base for performing any type of barbell workout, like squats, bench presses, and even pull-ups. Plus, the design and construction of the ML Pin and Pipe Safeties makes them capable of being used with most industry standard Olympic and power bars. Each safety has been powder-coated with a durable, industrial-grade baked-on paint so they're easy to keep clean. The outer pipe of the safety is 1.9" in diameter, with a 2" inner pipe at the bottom that is meant to specifically accommodate the ends of standard barbells and allow them to slide on and off smoothly without risk of damage. What's more, the chamber for the barbell ends is a full 10" deep and is completely enclosed, providing stability and security during workouts. The profiled steel gussets on the inside of the safety give it additional stability, and a thick rubber base on the bottom prevents slipping when the safety is set down on the floor. There are also two 2" diameter steel plates with 4 holes, conveniently located at the top of the safety, so they can be bolted down to any surface and further secure them. In addition to the material and construction, the Rogue Infinity ML Pin and Pipe Safety are designed with convenience in mind with adjustable height settings. Users can choose from nine different heights (ranging from 12" to 50") to customize the safety to their own height and needs. Rogue Fitness's Infinity ML Pin and Pipe Safeties provide users with a secure and safe way to perform barbell exercises at home. The weight ratings can handle most Olympic and power bars up to 1000 pounds, and the entire unit is incredibly simple to assemble and use. With its adjustable heights and heavy-duty construction, it's no wonder that this popular safety is a staple in many gyms and is chosen by professionals and amateur weightlifters alike.

  • 24" Infinity/ML Pin & Pipe Safety System

    In Stock


  • 30" Infinity/ML Pin & Pipe Safety System

    In Stock


  • Rogue 43" R-4 Pin and Pipe Set

    In Stock


Pros & Cons


•Fully-welded steel Construction for long-lasting durability

• Powder-coat finish for improved resistance to wear and tear

• Height adjustable, allowing for customization and versatility

• Multi-grip handles for improved safety and comfort

• Added safety pin to secure the rack at your desired height


• May require additional anchoring for certain installations

• Can interfere with ground-level storage shelves

• Can be tricky to adjust and set up without assistance

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

- Great for any gym and weightlifting environment

- Super durable and strong

- Easy to install

- Utilizes innovative pin and pipe technology

- Multiple colors available

Should Not Buy:

- Not suitable for Olympic-style lifting

- Expensive compared to other similar products


- Each safety is built with 11-gauge 2x3” steel

- Square-share gussets for stability

- Powder-coated black finish

- Includes rubber feet for noise reduction

- Notched pull-up bar and internal pin-and-pipe mechanism to steady barbell

- Offers 2 pull-up options with 10” and 20” depth options

- Laser-cut Rogue branding logo

- 14 gauge, 3/8” mounting hardware included w/ each safety

- Maximum weight rated at 1000lbs.

Rogue Infinity2" x 2.3"Ergonomic pull handle$89
Monster Lite Pin and Pipe Safeties3.4" x 2.5"Bolt handle$85
RML-490C (Rogue)3.75" x 3.25"2 round UHMW handles$125
Hi-Temp Squat Rack Safety (Titan Fitness)3.5" x 3.5"2 round steel handles$99
MVP-S18 (Valor Fitness)3.5" x 3"2 round black handles$83

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