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Introduction to Strongman DVD

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Introduction to Strongman DVD

The Introduction to Strongman DVD by Rogue Fitness provides an overview of the exercise and training methods used in the popular strongman competition and exercise program. This comprehensive DVD offers a detailed look into the various tools, events, and exercises athletes use to train and compete in strongman. Instructed by professional and Olympic-level coaches, the content provides basic instruction on proper form, safety, and technique. Whether the viewer is a competitive Strongman athlete or a recreational performer, this DVD is an excellent source of information and instruction. The DVD begins with an introduction to the sport of Strongman, outlining common challenges and events athletes compete in. It includes details on several key pieces of equipment like the log press, yoke carry, and Atlas stone. Specific, detailed instruction on exercise technique for all challenges is provided, as well as demonstrations of different approaches and techniques. The DVD covers each exercise from start to finish, from basic approaches and steps to tips on maximizing results. Professional coaches provide instruction on developing an effective training plan and proper progression of exercises. There is also advice on the best diet and supplement regimens to ensure optimal performance, as well as helpful tips for competition day preparation. For those who are looking for a comprehensive overview of Strongman exercise and competition, Rogue Fitness’s Introduction to Strongman DVD is an excellent choice. Detailed instructions and demonstrations, professional coaching, and advice on diet, supplements, and progression make this DVD a valuable resource for anyone looking to increase their strength, power, and endurance.


Pros & Cons


• Features world-renowned strongman Hugo Girard

• Comprehensive introduction to strongman

• Guides the viewer through important techniques and fundamentals

• Includes safety tips and guidance

• Professional coaching and instruction

• High definition camera technology


• Can be a relatively expensive purchase

• Lengthy video may be challenging to sit through

• Only available on DVD format, not digital download or streaming

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy

• Those who are looking to learn beginner or intermediate strongman techniques

• Those who are interested in learning more about the sport of competitive strongman

• Those who are returning to the sport of strongman after a long break

Who Should Not Buy

• Those who already have extensive experience in competitive strongman

• Those who are replacing a professional coach with the DVD

• Those who are looking for highly advanced strongman techniques


-Director: John Peterson

-Running Time: 178 mins

-Format: DVD

-Language: English

-Genre: Fitness/Strength Training

-Types of Exercises Covered: Overhead events, grip strength, and lifting stones

-Featured Athletes: John and Joe Schirripa, Jay Parillo, Oberst von Gerkan, and Mike Burke

ProductCostRunning TimeChapters
Diesel Crew Introduction to Strongman$2755 min11
Beyond Basics Strength Training$1760 min10
The Strength Training Workout Collection$1990 min3
Grip Training DVD$1580 min3

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