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Iron Neck

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Iron Neck

The Rogue Iron Neck is a training device designed to help athletes who want to increase the strength of their neck and shoulder muscles, improve upper body balance and stability, and reduce the risks of head and neck injuries. It is made from a reinforcing carbon steel frame, and comes with an adjustable chin strap and three head straps. It uses a combination of resistance, weight and motion to stimulate muscles. The Iron Neck can be used for a variety of training drills such as bridging and neck presses. The included resistance band helps to increase intensity, allowing athletes to work up to exercises like rotations, resistances and jerks. It also comes with a carrying case and storage bag, making it easy to take along with you wherever you go. The Iron Neck has been tested and proven to increase upper body strength and balance. Users have reported increased focus and energy levels, as well as improved posture, flexibility and coordination. It is perfect for athletes of all ages and fitness levels as it is adjustable, allowing you to increase the resistance as your strength increases. Overall, the Rogue Iron Neck is a great product for athletes looking for a safe and effective way to train their neck and shoulder muscles. It is well made, adjustable, and comes with everything you need to get started.

  • Iron Neck 3.0

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  • Iron Neck 3' Resistance Bands

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  • Iron Neck Skull Cap

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  • Iron Neck Head Band

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  • Iron Neck Cinch Anchor

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  • Iron Neck Door Anchor

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  • Iron Neck Door Belt

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Pros & Cons


• Improves overall neck health and strength

• Proven to reduce the risk of serious neck and head injuries

• Increased range of motion

• Improves core stabilization

• Works for athletes of all levels


• Can be expensive

• May take time to adjust

• Risk of injury if not used with proper technique

• Bulky and may not be suitable for certain sports or activities

Who Should Buy

People who are looking for a way to improve their posture and relieve neck pain should buy https://www.roguefitness.com/iron-neck. People who are not looking for a way to improve their posture or relieve neck pain should not buy https://www.roguefitness.com/iron-neck.


•Works to strengthen and stabilize the neck, shoulders, and core

Various models of Iron Neck come in three different sizes: Standard, XL, and Pro

•24 lb. resistance for rotational forces

•30 lb. resistance for anti-flexion and anti-extension forces

•Adjustable velcro waist belt fits up to a 55” waist

•Sturdy, lightweight aluminum alloy frame provides a 360-degree range of motion

•Soft, neoprene neck chin cup and padding offer maximum comfort

•Comes with an instructional DVD

•Easy to assemble and transport

FeaturesRogue Iron NeckSimilar Product 1Similar Product 2Similar Product 3
TypeDynamic Resistance Neck Training DeviceNeck Traction DeviceResistance Band Neck ExerciserNeck Pain Relief Device
Resistance TypeDynamicTractionResistance bandsStatic Traction
Degree of ResistanceNeck strengthening exercisesCervical TractionControlled resistanceAlignment-based stretching

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