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Jacobs Ladder X

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Jacobs Ladder X

l The Jacob's Ladder XL from Rogue Fitness is an innovative and durable exercise machine designed for strength training, cardiorespiratory conditioning, and fat-burning workout intensity. The machine features an adjustable ladder design with two moving steps of different heights, allowing for consistent tracking of the user’s exercise. The ladder moves back and forth at an adjustable speed, automatically positioning users for every type of exercise movement and promoting a wide range of motion. The Jacob's Ladder XL is constructed from heavy-gauge steel to support up to 400 pounds. The durable construction is built to last and includes a key locking system to create a secure unit. The machine includes a timer display and multiple training programs so that users can customize their workouts. The display tracks time, distance, and calories burned, allowing users to view their progress during each workout. The Jacob's Ladder XL is suitable for any fitness level, providing a low-impact, full-body workout. The machine also allows users to set their own climbing speed and incline using a digital control panel. The LCD display on the control panel includes total time and reps, allowing users to monitor and adjust their daily routine. Overall, the Jacob's Ladder XL from Rogue Fitness provides a comprehensive and adjustable workout regimen that is suitable for all fitness levels. The machine features an adjustable ladder design, heavy-gauge steel construction, and a host of built-in features for tracking progress and customizing workout intensity.


Pros & Cons


• Low-impact exercise

• Programs for weight loss, HIIT, interval training, etc.

• year warranty provided

• Adjustable speed

• Relatively quiet operation

• Easy to assemble


• Expensive compared to alternatives

• Lower weight limit (250 lbs.)

• Smaller and shorter rungs

• Fixed angles (workouts may become limited)

• Potentially long lead times for repairs and spare parts

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Affordably priced

• Compact, easy to store

• Full body workout

• Low impact on joints

• Multiple workout levels to accommodate all fitness levels

Should Not Buy:

• Not great for those wanting to gain muscle mass

• Not as versatile as other cardio equipment

• Not ideal for high intensity workouts


-Dimensions: 94 in. L x 29 in. W x 68 in. H

-Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.

-Heavy-Duty Steel Construction

-Patented Hand Grips with Quick-Adjust Buttons

-New Pulse Technology Step Option

-Intuitive Feature Set

-Inclines at 20-Degree Range

-6 Different Height Rungs

-LED Display Shows Time, Distance, Calories, and Pulse

-15 Built-In Workouts plus 25 Customizable Settings

-User-Friendly Handlebar Design

-Quiet Operation

ProductMotor InclineLCD DisplayMax Speed
Jacobs Ladder X16-30%Yes13 mph
Jacobs Ladder Classic12-20%No7.5 mph
LifeFitness CLM 91000-40%Yes24 mph
Stairmaster Gauntlet 80-52%Yes25 mph
Technogym Skillmill0-20%Yes25 mph

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