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JerkFit Fly Grips

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JerkFit Fly Grips

The JerkFit Fly Grips from Rogue Fitness are a lightweight and comfortable solution to protect the hands and wrists during weightlifting training. Designed with a unique textured grip pattern, these grips increase traction and provide comfort during heavy pull exercises like deadlifts, power cleans, and pull-ups. The ergonomic shape of the gripped section and the curved thumb tab promote a natural grip, while the TPR outer layer provides extra grip and comfort. The wrap-around fabric-backed panels and webbing straps keep the Fly Grips securely in place, eliminating the need for Velcro straps. Constructed with a combination of neoprene and nylon materials, these durable and easy-to-use grips fit both men and women and can be used on most Olympic weightlifting and CrossFit bars. They are available in multiple colors and sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your hands and reduce hand fatigue during high-intensity workouts.

  • JerkFit Fly Grips - S

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  • JerkFit Fly Grips - M

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  • JerkFit Fly Grips - L

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  • JerkFit Fly Grips - XL

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Pros & Cons


• Protect hands and wrists from strain

• Ergonomic shape fits the natural contours of your hand

• Multiple grip options to accommodate any size hand

• Constructed with high-quality materials for durability and long-lasting performance

• Compact design is convenient for travel and storage


• Can be difficult to fit around larger gripping areas

• Can be uncomfortable if not adjusted correctly

• Only available in black

• Expensive compared to alternative products

Who Should Buy


• If you are looking for a versatile hand/palm grip that can help you progress as a weightlifter

• If you're looking for a soft, comfortable grip while performing barbell exercises

• If you're looking for an ergonomic grip to ease joint stress


• If you don't have an active weightlifting regime

• If you're not willing to invest in quality gym equipment

• If you don't want to improve your grip strength or stability


- Features patented technology allowing extreme comfort for hands

- Constructed from natural gum rubber

- Easy to install

- Forms a grip that sticks to both hands and the bar

- Non-slip grip

- Includes 4 pieces: 2 larger (For Barbells, Pull-up Bars) and 2 smaller (For Dumbbells, Kettlebells)

- Comes in Dozen Packs of various colors

- Hand and wrist support padding

- Small back strap to provide added wrist support

JerkFit Fly GripsHighHighHigh
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Bear KompleX Leather GripHighHighModerate
WOD Nation Hand Grip StrengthenerHighModerateModerate
Rep Climbing Power Hand GripsHighModerateHigh

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