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JerkFit Raw Grips 3.0

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JerkFit Raw Grips 3.0

The JerkFit Raw Grips 3.0 from Rogue Fitness are ergonomically designed hand protection for workout enthusiasts. These lightweight, durable grips fit snugly over wrists, hands and fingers to protect them from harsh barbells, dumbbells and other exercise equipment. Crafted from 1.6-2mm thick nylon, the 3.0 Raw Grips are engineered for maximum comfort and minimal bunching during hardcore routines. The palms feature high-grade neoprene, which is especially useful for users lifting heavy loads. The back features breathable mesh to enhance airflow, keeping hands dry and cool during reps. The Raw Grips are ideal for athletes looking for improved grip strength and stability while doing weight lifting or bodyweight exercises. The ergonomic design is designed to reduce fatigue and strain in wrists, hands and fingers while reducing the chance of injury. These grips also feature a thumb loop and padded toggle to keep them secure in place. Additionally, the high-grade, non-slip surface ensures a solid grip on the bar, preventing slipping or sliding of hands during lifts. The JerkFit Raw Grips 3.0 are the ideal grips for athletes serious about their fitness, with maximum protection and comfort.

  • JerkFit Raw Grips 3.0 - Black - S

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  • JerkFit Raw Grips 3.0 - Black - M

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  • JerkFit Raw Grips 3.0 - Black - L

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  • JerkFit Raw Grips 3.0 - Black - XL

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Pros & Cons


• High-quality Construction for long-lasting performance

• Comfortable non-slip silicone handle

• Adjustable fit for different sizes of hands

• Raised texture keeps hands cool and dry

• Easy to clean, remove sweat, and sanitize

• Lightweight and inconspicuous design


• Not suitable for those who have very large hands due to limited adjustability

• Very thin material could rip or tear with heavy use

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Weightlifters looking for a lightweight solution for preventing calluses

• Those with thinner hands and wrists who want to improve grip strength

• Anyone looking to break up the monotony of grip-intense workouts

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those looking for maximum cushioning on the bar

• Those with larger hands and thicker wrists

• Those looking for a cheaper alternative


• Constructed of 3mm thick natural rubber

• Built in support for wrist and thumb joints

• Provides a secure grip for any size hand or barbell

• Compatible with nearly any size barbell or attachment

• Groove pattern and perforated pattern provide grip and support

• Soft and comfortable to the touch

• Includes a bonus grip changing tool to aid in grip changes quickly

ProductWeight (lbs)CushioningPrice ($)
JerkFit Raw0.18None9.95
Hygenic Neon Green0.2Medium10.25
RipTono Pro0.23High19.95
Sticky SP Silicone0.14None12.99
Tekfirm Classic0.14None9.95

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