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JerkFit WODies - Gray Camo

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JerkFit WODies - Gray Camo

The JerkFit Wodies – Rogue Gray Camo by Rogue Fitness offer extreme comfort and mobility when you need it most. Crafted with a lightweight cotton/poly blend, these shorts promise to be soft, breathable, and able to handle anything you can throw at them. Features such as reinforced seams give you extra durability and longevity, while the drawstrings provide a snug, just-right fit. The camouflage design adds an edgy touch, while the bold Rogue logo adds to its athletic look. Plus, the inseam measures a modest 5”, allowing unrestricted mobility during any physical activity. Whatever your fitness needs, the JerkFit Wodies – Rogue Gray Camo by Rogue Fitness is sure to provide the comfort and flexibility you crave.

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Pros & Cons


• Versatile—can be used for various movements like pull-ups, toes-to-bar, kettlebell swings, and power jerks.

• Remains strong and durable even when excessively stretched.

• Adjustable size and fit.

• Soft material prevents skin abrasions or tearing from friction.

• Lightweight and easy to transport.

• Multi-functional design provides many uses.

• Affordable.


• Color of product may fade over time with regular use.

• May not fit snugly on larger wrists and hands.

• Not as breathable as other performance gear.

Who Should Buy

• Who Should Buy the Jerkfit Wodies - Rogue Gray Camo:

• People looking for durable and comfortable grip enhancers

• Individuals who need reliable, long lasting straps

• Athletes who are CrossTraining and looking for cushion and support

• Who Should Not Buy the Jerkfit Wodies - Rogue Gray Camo:

• Individuals who are looking for a weightlifting glove

• Those who are already using similar products and are looking for a replacement grip

• Those who are focusing on a sport other than CrossTraining


-1.5mm neoprene build for extra durability and cushion

-Kevlar layered reinforced seams

-Tear resistant polyester-cotton twill blend palm for a firm grip

-Flexible terry cloth thumb for sweat management

-Technical NOBREAK Lycra side panels for more grip

-Ergonomic design for hands of all sizes

-Velcro closure for a secure fit

JerkFit WODies - Gray Camo
Product NameWrist Wraps for Weightlifting/Powerlifting/CrossFit/Gym.
ColorsGray Camo.
Wrist SupportDual Strap System.
Product NameWrist Wraps by White Wolf Strength.
FabricsHeavy-duty Cotton/Spandex Blend.
ColorsBlack and Red.
Wrist SupportEasy Pulley Strap.
Product NamePROIRON Wrist Wraps.
FabricsHeavy-duty Cotton/Spandex Blend.
Wrist SupportProfessional Grade Direct Hook Support.
Product NameDMoose Fitness Wrist Wraps.
FabricsHeavy-duty Cotton/Spandex Blend.
ColorsVarious Colors.
Wrist SupportDouble Ply Cross Straps System.

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