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Kabuki Kadillac Bar

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Kabuki Kadillac Bar

The Kabuki Kadillac Bars by Rogue Fitness are a specialized piece of weight lifting equipment designed for Olympic style lifting. The bars are constructed from high-tensile strength steel with a black manganese phosphate finish for maximum durability and corrosion resistance. The bars feature an aggressively knurled, double-knurl markings for maximum grip and enhanced grip positions, a 26mm coated steel shaft with high spin precision needle bearings, and a dual-snap ring system. Each bar has a 15KG weight rating and a 200K maximum load capacity, making it perfect for any strength or power lifting workout. The bars have been rigorously tested to exceed industry standards, ensuring they can handle the most grueling workouts. The Kabuki Kadillac bars are suitable for Olympic and power lifts such as snatch, clean and jerk, back squats, bench press, and deadlifts. They also come with a 2-year warranty, guaranteeing the quality and craftsmanship of the bars. For any serious athlete or weightlifter, the Kabuki Kadillac Bars offer a high-performing, low maintenance weightlifting solution.

  • Kabuki Kadillac Bar

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Pros & Cons


• Ergonomically designed handles ensure a natural hand placement and secure grip

• Knurling provides extra grip and support

• Includes 4 band pegs so you can add in extra resistance for your workouts

- Constructed from heavy-duty alloy steel for a durable product

• Compatible with Olympic-sized weight plates


• More pricey than other bars since it is made from higher quality materials

• Requires an Olympic sized weight stand or rack to store

• Not portable due to weight and size

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Those looking for a known-brand barbell with enhanced durability.

• Those looking for a stiff barbell with a high tensile strength.

• Those who plan to use the barbell for Olympic lifts.

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those looking for a budget barbell with lower quality.

• Those who do not plan to use the barbell for Olympic lifts.

• Those who need a barbell with an extended warranty.


- Length: 82.5"

- Weight: 45 lbs

- Diameter: 28mm

- Tensile Strength: 190k PSI

- Knurling: Medium Knurl & "Goldilocks" Knurl

- Bearing: Oil Impregnated Bronze Bushings

- Finish: Black Zinc & Chrome Collar

- Maximum Load Capacity: 1,000 lbs

- Double Snap Ring for Added Security

- Fully Assembled, No Maintenance

Kabuki Strength Kadillac BarBar 1Bar 2Bar 3
Bar Length8'6'6'
Bar Weight35 lb35 lb25 lb
Bar Diameter28.5mm28.5mm28.5mm
Mountain Knurling?YesNoNo
Middle Knurl?NoNoYes

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