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Kabuki Strength Baby Boomer

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Kabuki Strength Baby Boomer

-squat-stand The Kabuki Strength Baby Boomer Squat Stand is an adjustable squat rack designed to give powerlifters and bodybuilders the ability to practice squats safely and efficiently. This heavy-duty rack features an 11-gauge steel construction and can support up to 1,000 lb. The height of the pull pins can easily be adjusted from 33" to 60" and the distance between the posts can be set from 62" to 74", allowing users of different sizes to find a comfortable working position. The Kabuki Strength Baby Boomer Squat Stand has several safety features that ensure users are safe while lifting. A three-way adjustable spotter arms, two sets of laser-cut J-hooks, and two sets of safeties create a secure spot to practice squats. Additionally, two horns on the rear of the rack provide stability while in use, ensuring the rack doesn't move while the user is lifting. The rack also has four plastic coated plates that sit underneath the legs and provide stability on concrete and other flat surfaces. The Kabuki Strength Baby Boomer Squat Stand is finished with a grey powder coating that is rust-resistant and scratch-resistant. The design of the rack works for both beginner and advanced lifters and its small size means it can easily fit in any home gym.


Pros & Cons


• Ergonomic design helps ensure proper muscle alignment to reduce the risk of injury and maximize effectiveness of exercises

• Versatile unit fits any standard Olympic bar and virtually any beginner or experienced lifter (adjustable weight capacity up to 600lbs)

• Multiple grip positions to reduce pressure on the wrists, elbows, and shoulders

• Made with durable thick steel to ensure long-term use

• Compact design makes it a perfect addition to home or commercial gym setups

• Comes with pins, spacers, and tension knobs for precise weight adjustments


• High price tag may make it inaccessible to some customers

• Limited exercise variation compared to other units

• May require additional help due to the heavy weight capacity

Who Should Buy

• Should Buy:

-Fits most adult sizes.

-Heavy Duty construction with warranty.

-High quality pulleys make it easy to use.

-Provides stabilization to resist and reduce injury risks.

• Should Not Buy:

-High price point.

-Does not come with installation instructions.

-Limited to people 5’3” and under.

-Does not address specific mobility and flexibility needs related to age.


• Weight Range: 30 - 250 lbs

• Maximum Speed: 0 - 50 RPM

• Motor: 110V AC

• Cable Length: 25 ft

• Travel Distance: 12 inch

• Duty Cycle: 100% duty cycle

• Total Vertical Lift: 10 inches

• Wireless Remote Control by Bluetooth

• Spotter Arm Included

• 2 Weight Horns Included

• Anti-Drift Design

• Dimensions: 59"L x 33"W x 43"H

• Powder-Coat Paint Finish

Weight RatingCable RatingPrice
900 lbN/A$3,499
800 lbN/A$3,399
600 lb300 lb$1,399
Weight RatingCable RatingPrice
1,000 lb2000 lb$3,695
900 lbN/A$3,499
800 lbN/A$3,399
600 lb300 lb$1,399

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