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Rogue HG 2.0 KG Bumper Plates

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Rogue HG 2.0 KG Bumper Plates

The KG Rogue Bumpers from Rogue Fitness are a set of premium weight plates ideal for any strength training and Olympic lift enthusiast. Made from virgin rubber, these plates have been designed for maximum durability and long-lasting performance. The superior construction ensures fewer grooves and seams, ensuring that your weight plates remain consistent and perform optimally, even over time. The hollow center allows these bumpers to free spin on the bar, minimizing the damage to your bar's knurling. This set of high-grade, competition-style plates has been colored coded to make it easier to reach your ideal weight on each set. Featuring deeper grooves, these bare handles provide superior grip and make it easier to precisely space and adjust your weight. The bright color coding also helps keep the weight loads easily visible, so you can stay focused on delivering your best performance without distraction. The weight range of the KG Rogue Bumpers spans from 1.25 to 25 kilograms. Whether you’re a novice or advanced lifter, these bumpers allow you to perform bumper plate exercises from home with ease. The material composition is also durable enough to withstand most dropped and impacts, protecting both your weight plates and your flooring. For a premium weight-lifting experience, the KG Rogue Bumpers provide the highest quality and performance. With deep grooves and rugged construction, these unrivaled plates are designed to stand up to the most intense workouts. Solidness and accuracy assured, you can trust these bumpers to stay the same over time, allowing you to train with confidence.

  • 90KG Bumper Set

    In Stock


  • 110KG Bumper Set

    In Stock


  • 120KG Bumper Set

    In Stock


  • 140KG Bumper Set

    In Stock


  • 150KG Bumper Set

    In Stock


  • 5KG HG 2.0 Plate - Pair

    In Stock


  • 10KG HG 2.0 Plate - Pair

    In Stock


  • 15KG HG 2.0 Plate - Pair

    In Stock


  • 20KG HG 2.0 Plate - Pair

    In Stock


  • 25KG HG 2.0 Plate - Pair

    In Stock


Pros & Cons


• Available in 10 lb, 25 lb, 35 lb, 45 lb, and 55lb

• Made with a cross-linked polyethylene composite material

• Round edge for easy pick-up

- Durable steel-hub Construction

• Steel-reinforced collar for maximum security

• Battle-tested by Rogue athletes

• Replaceable color band system

• USA sourced and made product


• Expensive compared to other brands

• Limited warranty of 1 year for normal wear and tear

Who Should Buy

Rogue Fitness's KG Rogue Bumpers are ideal for athletes looking to train for Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, and strongman competitions. Athletes who are looking to improve their lifting performance or those who participate in competitive weightlifting and powerlifting events should consider buying these bumpers.

Those who are not engaged in any kind of competitive weightlifting or powerlifting should not buy these bumpers, as they would not be necessary for everyday exercise and fitness.


-Black color

-2.0KG weight

-High Gauge Steel Insert

-Vulcanized Rubber Finish

-Very Clean and Smooth Design

-High-Tolerance Durability Tested

-Ideal for Olympic Weightlifting Movements

-Variety of Color Options Available

Rogue HG 2.0 KG Bumper Plates$17.502KGVirgin Rubber10,000 Drops
York Bumper Plates 2KG$17.902KGRecycled Rubber5,000 Drops
Hi-Temp Bumper Plates$14.902KGVirgin Rubber10,000 Drops
Vulcan Hi-Impact Bumper Plates$22.902KGUrethane10,000 Drops
Eleiko Training Bumper Plates$115.002KGVirgin Rubber20,000 Drops

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