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Kill Cliff - Tasty Blood Orange

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Kill Cliff - Tasty Blood Orange

-recovery-drink-12oz-can-18-pack Kill Cliff Blood Orange Recovery Drink is an all-natural blend of electrolytes, vitamin C and other functional ingredients designed to help speed up energy recovery following a workout. This 12oz can drink is a great alternative to traditional sports drinks, as it contains just five simple ingredients and zero artificial sweeteners, thickeners, and dyes. The all-natural product formula helps replenish electrolytes, rehydrate your cells, and provide a much-needed boost during intense activities. Each 12oz can contains 270mg of natural, vegan-sourced caffeine for an energizing kick, plus vitamins C and B, electrolytes, and green tea extract. Kill Cliff Blood Orange Recovery Drink is also sugar-free, packed with antioxidants, and has a refreshing, sweet-tart flavor. The light, foam-free drink helps improve your mental focus, boost your post-workout alertness, and restore lost electrolytes. It's a great choice for those looking to refuel following a long workout or boost energy before a competition. Each 18-pack of Kill Cliff Blood Orange Recovery Drinks comes in individually sealed cans with a resealable lid, making them easy to store and transport.


Pros & Cons


• Natural ingredients

• Only 20 calories

• Zero sugar

• Contains electrolytes and B vitamins

• Caffeine for an energy boost

• Gluten-free and non-GMO


• Only available in US stores

• Contains artificial sweeteners

• High amounts of sodium

• Size of cans may be too small for some

• May be a bit pricey for some

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Made with natural ingredients for a healthier alternative

• Contains electrolytes and 20 calories per serving

• Great taste with no artificial sweeteners

• Has a high-level of caffeine to help you stay more focused for longer

• Promotes recovery with essential vitamins and minerals

Should Not Buy:

• Not suitable for those with high blood pressure, heart issues, or on certain medications

• Contains caffeine which may affect sleep

• Not recommended for children, pregnant women or people with sensitivity to caffeine


- 30 kcal per can

- 0g of sugar

- 1g of carbohydrates

- 0g of fat

- 115mg of caffeine

- B-vitamin complex

- Bursting blood orange flavor

- Gluten free, non-gmo, no high fructose corn syrup

- Keto friendly

Product NameCaloriesSugar ContentCaffeine Content
Kill Cliff - Tasty Blood Orange100 g0 mg
BioSteel Sport Energy Drink8018 g95 mg
Rockstar Zero Sugar50 g160 mg
Bang Zero Sugar00 g300 mg
Monster Zero Ultra100 g0 mg

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