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Kinesiology Tape 2" x 16.4' - Black

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Kinesiology Tape 2" x 16.4' - Black

Rogue Kinesiology Tape is a high performance, versatile and comfort-fit tape designed for all levels of athletes for use in protective, rehabilitative and sporting circumstances. The product is a 2 x 16.4' roll of 2” wide fabric-based black athletic tape featuring hypoallergenic medical-grade adhesive. The dermatologist-tested tape is comfortable on the skin and provides strong adhesion while remaining physically and chemically stable throughout its use. Rogue Kinesiology Tape is designed to enhance movement, provide support and facilitate healing while also alleviating muscular pain and inflammation. The multiple-layer adhesive backing also helps to secure wraps and supports while the breathable material allows for greater airflow to reduce friction. Additionally, the unique mineral particles embedded in the inner layers facilitate enhanced blood circulation and oxygen delivery. Because of its superior elasticity, Rogue Kinesiology Tape can be stretched for 120-160% of its original length, which increases joint range of motion without compromising stability. The product is endorsed by athletes and physical therapists for its efficacy and durability, as it is designed with sweat, humidity, and moisture in mind to ensure maximum comfort and performance. Finally, to ensure satisfaction, the product is backed by Rogue Fitness’ return policy, meaning users can get their money back if the product does not meet their expectations.


Pros & Cons


• Provides support and stability for muscles, joints, and other body parts

• Can be used to treat sports injuries and conditions

• Helps reduce swelling, pain, and inflammation

• Improves circulation of blood and lymph

• Easy to apply and remove without residue

• Long lasting and waterproof

• Hypoallergenic and latex free


• May not provide the desired support and stability in certain cases

• May cause skin irritation in some users

• May not hold securely if applied incorrectly

• Does not come with instructions for proper application and removal

Who Should Buy

**Reasons why you should buy https://www.roguefitness.com/kinesiology-tape-2-x-16-4-black:**

- Improves blood flow

- Supports body’s natural healing process

- Decreases pain and discomfort

- Enhances performance by stabilizing joints and muscles

- Can be worn for up to 5 days

**Reasons why you should not buy https://www.roguefitness.com/kinesiology-tape-2-x-16-4-black:**

- Not suitable for people who have sensitive skin

- Not approved by medical professionals

- Could potentially cause adverse reaction if left on for too long

- Can become loose and slip if exposed to moisture and sweat


• Tape size: 2" x 16.4'

• Color: Black

• Material: Cotton/elastane blend

• Stretch Ability: 180%

• Adhesive: Hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive

• Washable: Yes

• Tensile Strength: 25-35 N/25mm

• Temperature Range: -4ºF to 176ºF

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