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kPulley Go Starter System

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kPulley Go Starter System

The Rogue KPULLEY Go Starter System is a revolutionary new training system designed to enhance a wide range of athletic performance. Combining the Rogue KPULLEY cable pulley system with Oxford Go's smart technology, the system allows athletes to analyze and monitor their strength training progress online and then adjust their training accordingly. This makes it ideal for coaches and trainers as well as those who are serious about pushing the boundaries of their performance. The KPULLEY system is made up of a pulley frame, an adjustable pulley track, and a cable. Using Oxford Go’s technology, you can create an individualized workout program and then monitor progress on their online dashboard. The system is completely customizable, allowing for different exercises, weights, and intensity levels. You also get access to detailed analysis of your performance, so you can identify areas for improvement. The Rogue KPULLEY Go Starter System includes the main KPULLEY system, Oxford Go’s Smart Gym software upgrade, the Oxford Go App, and two Air Flow Basic Handles. It is suitable for both beginner and advanced athletes, with adjustable cable travel and weight load for any level of strength. The system also comes with a full one year warranty, ensuring that your purchase is protected. Overall, the Rogue KPULLEY Go Starter System is an excellent way to take your strength training to the next level. With its powerful and customizable set up, you can create a personalized workout that is specifically catered to your fitness goals. Its innovative technology also provides detailed insights into your performance so can pinpoint areas of improvement. With this system, you can take your strength training to the highest level and optimize your performance.

  • kPulley Go Starter System

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  • Additional Flywheel

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  • kBar - Original

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  • Rotational Sling

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  • Exxentric kPulley Beam 3x3 Rack Attachment & Go Beam Adapter

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Pros & Cons


• Compact and portable

• Allow easy movement from one area to another

• Space-saving design

• allows you to use resistance bands and cables

• Affordably priced

- Durable Construction


• Does not include any weight plates or resistance bands

• Limited range of motion

• May require additional equipment for certain exercises

Who Should Buy

Who should buy this product:

-People who are looking for a simple, all-in-one pull-up system

-People who are looking for a budget-friendly option

Who should not buy this product:

-People who are looking for a more advanced pull-up system

-People who are not looking for a budget-friendly option


• Robust belay system designed for single and multi pitch climbing

• Glove friendly ergonomic locking leaver

• Captive safety release system

• Quick and simple to use

• Maximum brake strength

• Made from strong, high-grade materials

• Easy to maintain and service

Rogue kPulley Go Starter SystemHawk Series Functional Training SystemMerax FitPlus Rope Exercise SetSignature Series Speed Rope
Motor-controlled Cable Pulley SystemHigh-grip Handle Grips3 Resistance Level CablesWeight-Reducing Handles
150 lbs Cables2 Nylon Cords (200 lbs)8 ft Heavy Duty Steel CableSmooth Ball Bearing System
3 Resistance OptionsUseable in Garage or GymFoam End-GripsReplaceable Undulated Steel Cable
2 Stainless Steel HandlesCable AnchorsAdjustable LengthCustomizable Tension
10-foot Pulley TrackDigital Workout GuideCompatible with Apps

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