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LB-1 Rogue 10" Log Bar

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LB-1 Rogue 10" Log Bar

-gray The Rogue Log Bar is a must-have piece of equipment for serious weightlifters who take their training seriously. It features a heavy-duty, closely machined 7-inch steel shaft with a unique, patented wrap-lock collar system that provides a secure grip even during the heaviest lifts. With a center knurling pattern and 1.25-inch stainless steel S-series Olympic knurling marks, the Log Bar offers a great grip for Olympic weightlifting movements. The center knurling adds a great tactile feel that’s essential for a stable grip, no matter what grip width you’re working with. The bar is made from heat-treated, drop-forged and heat-treated steel, making it strong and durable for intense workouts. The 28mm shaft and over 50-inch length allows for more effective movements with more plates on the bar and greater balance when lifting. The sleeves allow for easy spin and smooth sliding of the plates, and the bar has a weight capacity of 1500lbs. The Log Bar comes with a beautiful powder-coated finish in a unique grey color. The finish gives the bar a modern look while also protecting it from rust, chipping, and fading with age. The bar also comes with laser-etched endcaps with Rogue branding, helping you proudly display your favorite gym equipment. If you’re looking for an impressive, high-quality barbell for your gym, the Rogue Log Bar is an ideal choice. It's strong and durable, with the added bonus of its unique design, making it perfect for those who take their training seriously.


Pros & Cons


• Durable Construction ensures that the set can withstand intense fitness workouts

• Sturdy design provides a solid foundation while lifting

• Grippy handles make it easy to grip the log bar during workouts

• Modular design makes it easy to customize the bar to specific types of exercises

• Portable, lightweight design allows it to be used at home or on the go


• Not recommended for overhead exercises due to risk of injury

• Not intended for use with Olympic-style weight plates

• Not suitable for very heavy loads, such as powerlifting

• May require additional attachments to be able to perform some exercises

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

- Sturdy and reliable construction

- Adjustable to suit different levels of experience

- Range of uses, including agility and personal training drills

- Ideal for home and outdoor use

Should Not Buy:

- Unsuitable for Olympic weightlifting

- May be too large for limited spaces

- Replacement parts are sometimes difficult to find

- May not provide a quiet training environment


- Length: 10”

- Brass Connectors

- Capacity: 1,000 LBS

- Knurling: Single Knurl

- Shaft: Single Piece Steel Construction

- Finish: Stainless Steel

- Bearing: Sealed

- Endcaps: Embossed Rogue Logo

- Made in USA

ProductLengthWidthWeight Capacity
Rogue LB-110"2"550 lb
Titan 10” Log Bar10"2"750 lb
Titan 8” Log Bar8"2"550 lb
REP 2” Log Bar9"2"750 lb

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