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Marc Pro, Muscle Stimulator

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Marc Pro, Muscle Stimulator

The Marc Pro Kit from Rogue Fitness is the latest in muscle activation technology and recovery tools. This package comes with the Marc Pro device, electrodes, electrode leads, carrying case, USB charging cable, instructions, and a travel pouch, making it a complete package for athletes to optimize their muscle recovery, performance, and pain relief. The Marc Pro device uses proprietary, adjustable bio-frequency technology to contract and relax the muscles, allowing athletes to optimize their recovery and pain relief in between workouts. The device features pre-programmed pulse programs and adjustable parameters, so athletes can customize their therapy to the type of muscle they’re working on. The electrodes and electrode leads are designed to be comfortable and provide a secure connection to the Marc Pro device. The carrying case is made from durable material to protect the device from being damaged, and the USB charging cable allows athletes to ensure the device is ready for use before each workout. The Marc Pro Kit is the perfect choice for athletes serious about optimizing their recovery and reducing their muscle pain.

  • Marc Pro

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Pros & Cons


• Non-invasive, drug-free alternative muscle therapy

• Proven to reduce soreness and decrease recovery time

• Adjustable intensity for a personalized experience

• Portable and easy to use


• Expensive

• Requires a specific, made-for-Marc power outlet

• Results may vary depending on individual physiology and body parts treated

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Fitness enthusiasts who want a convenient and comprehensive full-body stimulation regimen

• Professional athletes looking for an edge in muscle mass, strength, and recovery

• Athletes who are rehabbing and strengthening weaknesses

• Anyone looking for improved range of motion and flexibility

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those who do not understand or have experience with electrotherapy

• Those who do not have the financial means to buy a device of this caliber

• Those who are not willing to commit to using the device consistently and correctly


• Portable and lightweight

• Impressive battery life

• Comes with 2 sets of electrode pads

• 4 customizable programs

• Offers four clinically-proven recovery protocols

• 60-120 Hz frequency range

• Safe, comfortable electrical stimulation

• Wireless bluetooth connectivity with the Marc Pro Plus App

Marc ProCompeting Product 1Comparing Product 2Comparing Product 3
Rechargeable Lithium Ion BatteryRechargeable Nickel Cadmium BatteryRechargeable Lithium-Polymer BatteryDisposable Batteries
Six preset programsFive preset programsSix preset programsNo preset programs
Easy-to-follow user manualEasy-to-follow user manualAdvanced user manualNo user manual
150 Guided Treatments100 Guided Treatments120 Guided TreatmentsNo Guided Treatments
15 intensity levels10 intensity levels10 intensity levelsNo intensity levels

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