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Marc Pro Plus, Muscle Stimulator

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Marc Pro Plus, Muscle Stimulator

The Rogue Fitness MARC Pro Plus is a comprehensive device designed to facilitate muscle recovery and performance enhancement. The unit is composed of a handheld device (the ‘controller’) and a series of straps with electrodes (the ‘electrodes’). The controller is relatively simple to operate, with intuitive controls and an easy-to-read display. The electrodes are are adjustable, promoting proper fit and maximizing muscular activation. The main feature of the MARC Pro Plus is its ability to stimulate specific muscles via various modalities such as NMES (non-invasive electrical stimulation), PaV (pressure amplitude vibration), and WiT (whole-body vibration). NMES helps to restore the tone and strength of weakened muscles, whereas PaV and WiT can help increase range of motion and flexibility, permitting the body to move more freely. This system is also designed to assist with post-workout recovery, especially for athletes who want to attend to any lingering discomfort. In terms of customization, the MARC Pro Plus offers something for everyone. With adjustable intensity, pulse width and pulse duration, individual users can fine-tune their sessions to their needs. There are also profiles developed by medical professionals and sports scientists that users can reference to ensure they get an optimal workout tailored to their level of experience. Finally, the MARC Pro Plus is also relatively compact and portable, at just 1.5 pounds and 5 inches in length. It also offers multiple session lengths, ranging from one to thirty minutes, allowing users to adjust the duration of their sessions to meet their individual needs. Furthermore, the machine is backed by a one-year warranty, making it a user-friendly and reliable tool for both athletes and the everyday individual.

  • Marc Pro Plus, Muscle Stimulator

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  • Reusable Electrodes

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Pros & Cons


• Effectively trains muscles, nerves and tendons

• Portable and lightweight

• Easy to use interface

• Adjustable levels of stimulation

• Increased circulation

• Reduced muscle fatigue

• Improved range of motion


• Not suitable for all athletes

• Costly, compared to other products in the same category

• Results may vary

• Must read user manual for best results

• May require multiple sessions for long-lasting effects

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Those with an active lifestyle who want to reduce muscle soreness and recovery time

• Professional and amateur athletes

• CrossFit enthusiasts

• Individuals with chronic pain or fatigue who want to reduce muscle stiffness and soreness

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those who are on a limited budget

• Those who are concerned about the potential long-term effects of using neuromuscular stimulation therapy


• 5 levels of intensity

Marc Pro/Marc Pro PlusMuscle StimulatorMuscle Stimulator 2Muscle Stimulator 3Muscle Stimulator 4
6 wavefoms: sine, burst, modulated sine, triangle, square,Alternative Treatment for Pain Management5 Level IntensityPortable Device with Screen Display10 Programs with 10 Intensity Levels
and a patented ramp (wasi) waveform6 modes of EMS StimulationPure Sine WaveEasy to Use LCD DisplayDual Channel
20 levels of adjustmentAnalogized PulseMulti-Function SwitchesRechargeableRechargeable Battery
Independent or simultaneous control of 6 channelsDigital LCD DisplayAdjustable Time and StrengthLCD Digital Display20 Minutes Auto Shut-Off Timer
Compact, light-weight, rechargeableTimer FunctionRechargeable Battery8 Training ModesBacklit LCD Display

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