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Rogue MG-4CN Narrow Multi Grip Camber Bar

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Rogue MG-4CN Narrow Multi Grip Camber Bar

The Rogue MG-4CN Narrow Multi-Grip Camber Bar is a versatile and lightweight piece of exercise equipment designed to assist with a variety of weightlifting movements. This exercise bar features a unique camber design that allows for improved range of motion and stabilization during lifts, as well as a reduced strain on the wrists and shoulders. The angled shape of the bar itself also allows for a more secure and comfortable grip while performing overhead pullups or other pressing movements. It is made from high-quality steel and has a black powder-coat finish, providing extra durability and a smooth, stylish look. The Rogue MG-4CN Narrow Multi-Grip Camber Bar has four sets of grip handles with varying distances between each pair, giving users a range of options for different types of exercises. It measures 87.75” in length, has a maximum weight capacity of 800 lbs., and is suitable for standard and Olympic-size weight plates. Overall, the Rogue MG-4CN Narrow Multi-Grip Camber Bar is an excellent addition to any home gym or studio. With its camber design, stylish black powder coating, and multiple grip options, as well as its compatibility with Olympic and standard weight plates, this bar is sure to help users successfully perform a wide variety of weightlifting exercises.

  • MG-4CN Narrow Multi Grip Camber Bar

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  • MG-4CN 5" Additional Handle Pairs

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Pros & Cons


• Solid steel Construction for lasting durability

• Textured handles for better grip and comfort

• different grip widths to target different muscle groups

• Camber design helps athletes lift heavier weights

• Knurled ends for easier loading and unloading of Olympic plates

• Variety of colors to choose from


• Does not have rotating sleeves for smoother movement

• Expensive compared to other bars

• No center knurl for increased grip for squats

• Not designed for use with standard weights

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

-Those who want to increase the range of motion of their workouts

-People who are working on improving their lifting technique

-Weightlifters looking for a more challenging barbell option

-Trainers who want to mix up their workouts for their clients

Who Should Not Buy:

-People who do not have access to a power rack or other spotter setup

-Anyone who is not familiar with core lifts like squats, deadlifts, presses, and rows

-Those who are just starting out in weightlifting and do not need a specialized bar yet

-Anyone who is not looking to increase the challenge and difficulty of their workouts


• 6” Sleeves

• 28.5mm Shaft

• 79.5" Length

• 90lb Weight

• Chrome Finish

• 2 Narrow Grip Cambers

• 7” and 10.5” between camber knurling

• Standard and Olympic weight plates compatible

Specification/ProductRogue MG-4CN Narrow Multi Grip Camber BarProduct 1Product 2Product 3
ManufacturerRogueProduct 1Product 2Product 3
Weight/Material32 lbs - Steel, Chrome PlatedProdcut 1Product 2Product 3
DimensionsAb-47"w x 3.25"h x .75" thickProdcut 1Product 2Product 3
Grip StyleMulti-GripProdcut 1Product 2Product 3
KnurlingFull knurlingProdcut 1Product 2Product 3
Price179.99Prodcut 1Product 2Product 3

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