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MiR Short Weighted Vests

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MiR Short Weighted Vests

The Rogue Mir short weighted vest is designed to provide a dynamic conditioning workout. This action-ready piece of equipment easily adjusts to fit almost any size with the adjustable straps and ensures the weight is evenly distributed throughout its length. The vest is crafted with an ultra-durable polyester/cotton blend that is tough, yet breathable. It comes in several sizes to accommodate a range of athletes—small, medium, large, and extra-large. The vest comes with 20 adjustable weights that can fit up to 140lbs total. The 10lbs or 20lbs plates are adjustable, so you can create a personalized, customized workout. The unique design of the Mir short weighted vest puts the weight closer to your center of gravity for improved balance and increased intensity during high-intensity interval training. The shoulder straps have an ergonomic design and there is an extra layer of padding to ensure comfort and eliminate fatigue. The Rogue Mir short weighted vest is great for a variety of exercises including sprints, burpees, squats, and more. It is designed to add intensity to your workouts to help you reach your fitness goals faster and get the most out of your gym session.

  • MiR Short Weighted Vest 20LB

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  • MiR Short Weighted Vest 30LB

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  • MiR Short Weighted Vest 40LB

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  • MiR Short Weighted Vest 45LB

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  • MiR Short Weighted Vest 50LB

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  • MiR Short Weighted Vest 60LB

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Pros & Cons


• Adjustable capabilities to fit any body type

• Allows you to add varying amounts of weights for intensity

• Improve posture while strengthening the body when worn

• Secure zipper pockets to store weights securely


• Weighted vests can be uncomfortable to wear

• Bulky when worn for extended periods of time

• Can be difficult to take off without help

• Weights may shift while being worn, possibly leading to an uneven weight distribution.

Who Should Buy


• Anyone wanting to increase intensity in work-out routines

• Users looking for extra bodyweight resistance when exercising

• People wanting to burn more calories while performing physical activities


• People who are prone to injury or have any other medical issues

• Users who have difficulty breathing while exercising

• People concerned about their balance or stability while working out


• Adjustable sized for a comfortable and supportive fit

• Pressure range of 0 to 40 kg

• Integrated weigh bag pouches for adjustable weight

• Multi-layered interior construction for comfort

• Reinforced surface finish for durability

• Housing designed with low profile and undetectable profile

• Soft cushioned shell designed to fit anatomically

• Ergonomic cross-wrap straps for improve stability

• Reflective accents to promote safety and visibility

• Weather-resistant fabric to protect against moisture and dirt

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